Best Hooligan Film

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rudie, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Cass

  2. The Football Factory

  3. The Firm

  4. Green Street

  5. I.D

  1. Besides decent German porn and war movies,everyone loves a good hooly movie(not counting Green Street)
    "SHADWELL ARMY!!" Was heard many a time shouted in unision in many a squaddie bar in the mid 90's. So,what's your favorite?

  2. Gotta be the football factory excellant and fast paced, even that annoying c*nt Danny Dyer was good in it, loved the fact Liverpool was represented by a few trackied up scallies and burnt out cars, oh how we laughed.

    The Firm I remember for the little ditty about the Millwall leader Yeai and I qoutwe

    "If you like eating spaghetti
    off the end of a bucko machete
    come south of the border
    be well out of order and die
    at the hands of a yeti"

    Even featured a slim Phil Mitchell class, one word for Green Street w@nk !
  3. The Firm had Big Jim McDonald from Corrie as the psycotic ex-squaddie as well Benny from Grange Hill getting slashed up from The Yeti!
  4. Did'nt have a happy ending for Yeti though eh.......ah yeah Jim Macdonald was always saying "when I was in the army" :D
  5. I still can't resist saying "Put yer 'ands togevver fer your friend,and mine............STANLEY" every time I have a stanley knife in my hand.
  6. Good one set in Glasgow, can't remember the name, had a lot of cut throat razors in it, and Quadraphinia, who wasn't the daddy in that one, Ray Winston... :twisted:
  7. I think you mean"Small Faces" if it was set in the 60's
  8. Aye, that's the jobbie wee man!
  9. Small Faces was the Glasgow film,a bit arty farty at times but still a good film.The attention to detail was brilliant,what with the suits and crombies etc.My old man was a tear away in the late 60's,he loved the movie just for the style and look.
    Quadrophenia was a part of growing up for every british kid in the 80's,that and McVicar!
  10. Rise of the foot soldier.
    The Business
  11. Quite partial to Green Street myself, if only to see the Dark Side of a hobbit. Surely This Is England should be an option?
  12. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Rise of the Foot Soldier is good..

    Not really seen any others.
  13. And 'Scum' - not quite a hooligan film, more what hooligans can expect in the green house from other hooligans.... :twisted:
  14. All of the above films are predominatly about football violence.
    "Every Man Thinks Meanly Of Himself For Not Being A Soldier" someone once quoted

    "Every Bloke Wishes Just A Wee Bit That They Had Been A Hooly" Somone else might of said
  15. Can't beleive Green Street got 25% in the poll, biggest load of sh1te out and the worst cockney since Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins