Best Hen Party/Stag Night experience?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Snips, Oct 7, 2002.

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  1. Go on, we've all been on them, what was your best/worst/funniest experience........
  2. The Official Secrets Act and the fear of a good tw@tting from the groom prevents me from revealing what went on on the last stag night, except to say black tie do, gentlemans club in London (the traditional type, not the lap dancing variety), strippers, naked strippers/naked wedding party,sex acts involving baby lotion, whipped cream and a battery powered device, strip joint afterwards. Allegedly.  
  3. Woo has hit upon a fascinating area here.....   the idea that men get down and dirty with strippers (hookers?) at stag parties...   what is sexy about bonking or performing sex acts with a stripper in front of all your mates? Or are you too drunk to care?
  4. Re-read the post...I said "sex acts" not " I/we/goat had sex acts with strippers".

    Now extrapolate that to men's intertest in the sapphic charms, and you get the point (indeed one of the girls did, but that's all strictly need to know).

    Oh, and you didn't see the strippers!  :p
  5. Aha - the 'naked wedding party' bit confused me.
  6. "Naked Wedding Party" that what happens when Bootnecks get married?
  7. How about the one where the Groom and the senior captain in the Bty fell through the shop window in Bournemouth whilst play wrestling then mustering all the integrity they could ran away to have an argument over whose fault it was and started wrestling for real only to fall through another window before running back to the hotel to lag the bed.


    Forgot to have the stitches removed nice little scar.
  8. Hen parties are totally overrated.  And male strippers are the most unsexy beings ever created.  Apart from Wayne.
  9. Going to Prague is quite good :)
  10. I've re-read the post and 'GOAT' springs to to extrapolate on that story? Definite Freudian slip there...
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    8 days short of 8 years. I doubt that Woops can remember the goat by now, due to self enforced amnesia!
  12. Shame I was all ears.
  13. Like the goat...
  14. Ok best hen party I went to was in a club in London with a male stripper in attendance, cue this tall, very dark, muscles and over-use of baby oil started his routine. The champagne was flowing and I settled down in my seat to watch the performance...imagine my surprise when the guy came over and pulled me onto his 'set' which involved me sitting on a chair. I had to pull bits of clothing off him, whilst he propositioned his body over me. Now after a while I got to wonder why I was the subject of his attention, especially as I wasn't the 'hen'. Soon realised after I pulled the final piece of clothing off and got a rather close eyeful of his attributes, he then returned me (have to admit I was shaking with excitement) to the rest of the hen group and presented me with a single rose...Ahem whoops a mistake he should have picked the prospective bride but got the wrong person! Bad luck to her but I left the club with a smile on my face and a business card in my pocket.
  15. da dum........