Best Headphones ?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Double_Duck, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. I am looking for a reasonably priced set of headphones (£20 - £50)but I am not clued up when it comes to all the different frequency ranges etc that are quoted in the specs.

    They are to be used solely for music so any advice would be welcome, thanks.
  2. Going to the gym type headphones or around ear type?

    Personally i dont think you can beat Bose - a little pricey but you certainly get what you pay for.

    I have a set of these:

    I use them with my I-Pod and the sound quality is excellent for ear buds. I got them on ebay, cant remember what i paid, but i saw them in a Bose outlet near Colchester recently for 60 quid.

    I dont have a set of around ear, but i'd probably buy Bose for the sound quality.
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  3. You could do much worse than buy a pair of these. I've had a pair for getting on 6 years and they are still going strong. They sound great and are comfortable to wear.

    Richer Sounds

    Having said that, if you could spare a bit more cash then I'd definitely recommend you buy a pair of these. They are as ugly as a crack whore's smile but they are the business:

  4. Audiophiles refer to BOSE as 'Buy Other Sound Equipment'. Massively over-rated and over-priced but with great ergonomics.
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  5. i paid £63 for my C3's dont know who makes em but my music man mate told me bout em for my ipod...they rock and they noise cancel so your workout is literally that, yours. no crap fast and loud 'TUNES' to contend with, or the sound of a dieing 20stone full screw have a mid-life crisis (and heart attack) on the treader next to ya
  6. get yourself a set of Ultimate Ears 3 studios They will be the best in that price range. They really are fantastic do a search for reviews on them. 2 year warranty on them aswell
  7. Another vote for the Bose in ear headphones. They're really clear sounding and I got mine, brand new, off Ebay for about £45. The best ones for anything for remotely close to the money.

    My father in law is a proper audiophile and I always had a suspiscion that the reason they don't like Bose is that it isn't 'special' enough for them. Audiophiles love to have things that very few others do (speaker cabling at hundreds of pounds per metere etc), and I think it's the more populist nature of Bose that causes the problem for them! The stuff sounds great and the headphones are recommended.

    The other ones to look at are some made by Sennheiser that are similar design to the Bose ones, but can't remember the model, sorry.
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  8. Great stuff guys, thanks.

    I use Sennheiser's for my gaming and wondered how they would compare with other makes, but there are a few good choices there..
  9. Seconded , I went through 3 pairs for 20 - 30 quid headphones in 6 months , shelled out £50 for a pair of sennheisser's still going strong a 18 months later (even when I drop/sit on/roll over them all the time) , great sound quality too.
  10. beat me too it!

    If you're looking just for music I bet those bose ones would be worth a look!
  11. Ill raise you your Sennheiser to Bose Triport cost me £150 but they is the schizzle my nizzle and they the are the big bulls pizzle!!!
  12. Forget about the Bose in-ear triports, look great but the quality is no where near as good as UE, shure or Sennheiser.

    Also be carefull if buying from Ebay, lots of fakes on there.
  13. Thats a bold statement, (Talking from experiance or something you have read?)

    I haven't heard the bose earphones, if there anything like the bose speakers they should give you a hard on!

    Sennheiser are excellent headphones, great frequency range etc excellent for djing, but they dont have that nice warmness you get from a speaker.

    It would be a shame if the bose are crap
  14. They aren't crap, I use headphones a lot, including some of father in law's eye wateringly expensive ones for listening to classical music. The Bose in ear phones are actually very good for the money, £70 if you pay full price ,and I've had no problems with them. I lost one of the silicone tips off mine and they sent me a complimentary set the next day, so good customer service as well.

    Yes you can get more expensive ones, but why would you if it's for an MP3 player? I tried a few different sets when I got mine, including Sennheiser/Shure and to me the Bose offered best compromise between sound and price.