Best Headline ever

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by forniup, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. i think MJ better get some hoop renforcement operationbefore he goes into prison :lol:
    it doesn't look too good.
  2. I forgot the exact wording of it but it was along the lines of

    "keegan gets seaman in citys shorts"

    When David seaman moved to maine road
  3. "ZIP ME UP BEFORE YOU GO GO" when that george michael bloke got arrested! or.....
    Many years ago when there was a suggestion that the guards where selling themselves in the royal parks the guardian had the headline - "FAIRIES AT THE BOTTOMS OF OUR GUARDSMEN?"
  4. actually the best headline i ever saw was after celtic got beaten by inverness caledonian thistle (pretty much a bunch of part time highlanders!)
    the headline read


    how long they must have been waiting for a headline like that ?
  5. "Fog in channel - Continent cut off" : Express 1950s ?

    "Trooper tossed off in front of Queen" - Daily Sport 2000'ish (LG trooper in Sovereign's Escort thrown by horse)
  6. "Up Yours Delours" - The Sun's synopsis of the European debate circa 1991 followed by:

    "Bawl at Gaul" - when they wanted everyone to go to Dover and shout abuse at France, sounds reasonable

    and of course - GOTCHA!

    edited for typos - damn my fat fingers
  7. Stick with this one......lengthy and complicated but worth it!!

    The "Currant Bun" ran a story about a priest who had gone a wee bit mental having been diagnosed with heart disease.....suddenly all too aware of his own mortality he (over?) compensated, bought himself a sports car, took an enthuastic interest in the ladies. Sadly for him, he let his new-found perviness go too far and was eventually prosecuted for stealing skimpy undies from his neighbour's washing line.

    The headline???

    "Dicky ticker vicar in knicker knocker shocker"

    I kid you not..... :D
  8. I I let Jacko diddle my's been a repressed memory what's only surfacing now with all this publicity.. oh, the horror, the shame! can I have 2 million quid?.. I've got some bills that need paying...
    " Whack Jack lousy in the Sack' says ex-boytoy...
  9. American tabloid reporting escape of a lunatic from a psychopathic hospital, and his commission of rape shortly thereafter:

  10. Okay, not a headline but from a cricket commentator "The bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey."

    Again, pre-meditated, I suspect.
  11. The best was “Trooper tossed off in front of queen” from the sport I believe

    Daily Sport headline over a picture of Maggy Thatcher resting her hand on Ronald Reagan's coffin. :lol: :lol: