Best hardtail for around £500

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Morty, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Want to get back into mountain biking, used to own a rather sweet full sus Univega until it got nicked. Loved it but couldn't afford a decent full susser now, so can anyone suggest a decent hardtail for around five hundred? Main considerations are decent componants, good (pref alu) frame and dcent forks. Any advice or offers appreciated, cheers!

    PS haven't ridden for about six years and was mostly into xcountry, but I did like to throw it around a bit every now and again (the bike, i mean).
  2. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Giant XTC SE, around 500 notes.. Hydraulic disks, good frame. Took mine over Coed y Brenin earlier in the year where it performed well. The 2007 model is out and has better front forks and an LX rear mech.

  3. Last time I looked, and it was quite a while ago, an XTC would set you back 500 for the frame alone! Thats great, I had a mate who briefly owned one and I had a dabble on it, found it to be a great ride, really responsive and a decent build, but had no idea it would have come down in price.

    Cheers for that, i'll check the website now :)
  4. Rockhoppers are always good value IMO...+ theres deals to be had on Hope ringsets, disks brakes etc
  5. I have to agree with jmj, I've just sold my Giant XTC 4 to upgrade to a full susser. It was a fantastic bike that came out tops on all the What MTB tests. You can pick one up for about £450.00. have a really good selection for your budget.
  6. My Scott Expert Racing Pro is a v nice ride for an aluminium hardtail. Goes like a dream and is quite responsive.

    Lx, Judy TT forks-I haven't had any snags with it so far.


    It cost me 500 odd quid 2 years ago so I'm sure you can pick up one in decent nick for around 300 odd quid now.
  7. I got one off Ebay for about two-thirds of that price.
  8. was it nicked or a real 'garage forecourt' special? I'd only suggest Fleabay if you know what you're looking at and can maintain if it goes wrong.
  9. No, genuinly nicked, hadn't saved up the pennies for insurance having spent them on wine and cheap hookers, and couldn't claim on household because it was nicked from outside the local whore liscence.

    A mate of a mate has offered me his 2005 Kona fire mountain for £300, it's pretty much factory spec, the only thing having changed are the tyres and a new headset. Had a gander at the website and the 2005 model sells for £450 there, anyone heard any complaints about these, i'll be honest i've never ridden one but the spec sounds right.