Best hangover cure.....

If you can, get hold of a smoothy maker. A blender will do just fine. Chuck oranges, pineapples, a bit of banana, and some mango in and blend it all together. Drink.
Rehydration and Vitamin C galore = recovery from hangover! :)
Flash just necks a pint of freshly drained man fat :D :D
Double whammy of multivitamins and iron and plenty of sparkling water - dare I say perrier with a hint of lemon. The water rehydrates, the fizzy cuts through the axminster on your tongue and the multivitamins help replace all that good stuff that you whazzed out the night before.

Oh and maybe a McD's thick shake too.
A combo of Resolve, sleep, serious amounts of calorific junk food, gallons of tea and as Prodigal rightly says, some down and dirty shagging. Sleep it all off and you're ready to do it all again in no time.
If there's queasiness, then a can of Pepsi usually does the trick. Along with a couple of Tylenol to go with it.
Cup of coffee, nurofen and a ciggie and you're back on track. Unless you don't smoke, in which case:
Cup of coffee, nurofen and a ciggie and you're back talking on the porcelain telephone.

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