Best hangover cure.....

Well, I have awoken this morning, but God alone knows how.

Absolutely kicked the arrse right out of it last night, heroically drunk,horrified the Forlanilike and Im sure even now, the locals is writing songs about me escapades last night. Some of which would benefit from a discreet veil.

....and I remembered I've got a major lefty-righty practice tomorrow which makes me feel even worse

But the question to all and sundry is......Have any of you got a really good hangover cure? At the moment, I have mostly been eating Aspirin and drinking Coffee, but it doesn't seem to be having any effect. I'm actually sat here with me RayBans on, it's that bad.

Help :-X


Bit late now - but if you drink a pint of water before you go out, then a pint of water after you get in and before you go to sleep - that will make you piss the bed.

No seriously, it's supposed to be a good way to prevent a hangover.
NESQUICK!!! No, seriously, powedered Nesquick is superb. Make it with full-fat milk and it puts a lining on your stomach and helps re-hydrate you. The powder is basically glucose syrup and sugar crystals infused with flavouring and colour which will help get you blood-sugars back up again.
2 nurofen and 2 pints of water, wake up right a rain.
or go for the traditional cure of hair of the dog 8) 8) 8) 8)
if i go out on a friday or saturday night wake up a serious hangover then the best way to get over for me is to keep drinking. sod the water or asprins. Besides its a cheaper session being already pissed.
I tend to agree with overboard on that note, but I have 2 for you....

the First is a OTC Drug called Zantac 75 which is by design an indigestion tablet but if taken the night before stops the pukey feeling, can be taken the morning after and does the same job.. therefore enables you to eat as previously mentioned, greasy brekkie!!! ;D

The second goes along the same lines of the pints of water theory but instead add Barocca, an effervesant vitamin supplement, puts back all those missing minerals and fluid aswell as turning your p1ss bright orange and giving it the most awful smell :eek:
I remember in Cyprus the boys and girls used to take Brufen before a session - apparently stops swelling of the brain which gives you the headache (I'll let one of the medics explain why - all to do with fluid being shunted up etc etc).

Never tried it myself - overloading my system with one toxin was bad enough without adding another!
Big bottle of lucozade sport and a bag of salt and vinegar crisps.  I normally feel something approaching human about half an hour after this.
Two x Cocodamol horse tablets and a pint of milk just prior to keeling over does the trick for me. I try not mixing beer and spirits and just stick to meths.
Oh god, it's Friday night again. :p

Wheres the Cocoda.......?
line grunt - unfortunately as I live in Australia now, the only Irnbru we get here is watered-down and is generally crap  :p

Prodigal - I think Brufen is an anti-inflammatory, which might explain the lack of swelling

Personally, I've always found that a litre of water before going to bed (providing you're not too pissed to even find the tap) seems to work followed by Macdonalds Bacon 'n Egg mcmuffin first thing in the morning.

There is stuff (which I can't for the life of me remember what its called) which is for settling upset stomachs that works. The main thing is to get yourself rehydrated because alcohol is a dieretic and makes you piss more than you drink. AS is in other words, coffee is a BAAAAAAAAAAD idea  :p
I agree with brew bitch sex, sex and more sex!  Either that or physical exercise to the point of vomiting, hill reps on something nice and steep usually does the trick- just drink loads of water and don't die.   :p
well im pissed as a fart  :p( excuse the grammer )
ill give a clue in the morning
has'nt worked for me either
Sitting here with post Christmas Ball hang over & it got me thinking what sort of cures have people used through the years.

I use to use pure oxygen, but my jobs changed & can't access it anymore.
A hsir of the dog always helps but if you can't face that a large Mcdonalds thick shake does the trick.


Agreed on the Lucozade there mushroom, with 2 co-dydromol. Followed by unlimited amounts of dandelion and burdock and a very large bar of chocolate, followed by a roast dinner, sticky toffee pudding and lots of cream.
May need a bucket at some point though, doesnt agree with everyone, works for me :D
Awaiting roast dinner at this point :lol:

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