Best Haka I'll ever see...

RIP Kiwis

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Very moving to see such respect for a fallen comrade. Brought a tear to my eye watching that.


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Not wishing to detract from the moving vid, but what's the deal with the bloke done up as a sniper just randomly cutting about in front of the hearse?
That was incredible.
Yes, it is a very moving way of showing respect. A fitting farewell indeed for a fallen warrior.
Brilliant. It sent a shiver up my spine watching it.
Not wishing to detract from the moving vid, but what's the deal with the bloke done up as a sniper just randomly cutting about in front of the hearse?
My thought was a symbolic armed escort to the fallen. A sort of last service they could do for their mates, kind of thing.
Amazing! I'm guessing the random sniper might be because the fallen soldier was a sniper too? Just a guess. Right though. Shivers and goosebumps!


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Quite a long haka, didn't think they usually let females do the haka but looks like one around 2.18

Quite a send off, should imagine a few drams after.
Quality send off.

As someone said on here recently Kiwis will knock out a Haka at the opening of a envelope but to see it done at such an occasion and with such passion is awesome.

Camera's should be banned at this sort of thing, this was between the blokes and their mate, no one else. Whoever thought of filming it and publishing it on the internet should hang their head. All thats going to happen now is loads of people going "great" and "awesome" forgetting what it's really about.

I won't say RIP fella because on the internet it's just electrons.
You're entitled to your opinion CQ but I disagree.

The quality of the camera work, and the tracking shots clearly show this was approved by the CoC involved. I understand that one reason for a Haka is to say farewell to the dead.

IMO this is a mark of great respect and it shows the NZ Army in a very good light. I found it very moving, to be honest.

Does it cheapen the memory of the Fallen? Not in the slightest. Does it look like some kind of staged theatre? No. Its an intensely moving, heart felt tribute and I'm glad I saw it.


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CQ I disagree. Had it not been for the internet, I would never have seen this.

On the one hand, I could have just (had I been aware of it) gone to a Kiwi "RIP Thread" and said something along the lines of "I'm sorry for your loss " , not many electrons would have been hurt and I would not have had to give much thought to my post (I'm not a huge one for RIP threads unless the deceased are Gunners - It's a family thing).

On the other; I could have logged on to this and been moved to tears, as I was. It gave me pause for thought, it made me think about the esteem that the deceased colleagues clearly held him in, and it reinforced my belief that the soldiers of the Queen will always to the best by there mates.

(PS The last sentence isn't a pisstake, and I do know that some people (regardless of job/capbadge/etc) will always do down their fellow man).

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