Best Gunner Regiment and/or Battery ?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by 12minden, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Might be opening a can of worms but thought I'd ask what's the best Regiment and/or Battery you've served with ??? Can be units or sub units past and present, long as it's RA/RHA, so the old sea dogs can join in aswell. Might be useful for new lads about to join the Gunner family.

    Obviously there is a certain degree of PERSEC involved, as we're on open forum. Think I'm quite safe up here in Hebs, Royal mail can't find us so nay chance of Al Qaeda getting me ! It's just for fun so NO counter battery/regt fire please....
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed every battery/regiment* I served in but my favourite was probably 3/29 Bty.

  3. As an old sea dog have to say best Regiment was 50 Missile, feel free NOt to make any tracksuit jibes. Proper close knit regiment, like a family, with a 100 yank cousins squatting in the back yard !

    As for best battery it's a close call between 12 and 32, Minden men all the way !
  4. They are a little like girlfiends, however rough they were at the time you remember the good bits. So many numbers and no letters (that's speaks volumes about my career prospects!) but you always remember your first! 46 (Talavera) "Cow and Castle", the Talavera Turtles! But then again the ones you formed up, 2/51 (Kabul 1842) are special, however shortlived. The ones you go to war and come home with are memeorable(25/170 (Imjin))and the ones that you held your most senior position in will always be held close to your heart (revealing that would blow OPSEC!). I find it helps to have been in an "underdog" battery, the cameraderie and spirit and the banter are always better and there is more incentive but less pressure to succeed. HQ Btys are always a difficult beast as they are so nebulous and disjointed, so to be in one of those that jells is unusual but very rewarding. That's my tuppence worth!


  5. It's got to be J sidi rezegh, 3 RHA followed closely by 50 missile :D
  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    2nd Fd Regt L, N and O
    101 Regt (PSI) best 2 years of my career
  7. It has a lot to do with the people around you. For me 50 Msl 1977-1980 followed by 47 Fd 1982/83.

    Batteries: definitely K & P of 5
  8. Got to be for me 111 (Dragon) AD Bty in Dortmund. Regts I had the best time in has got to be 19 Fd Regt RA and 40 Regt RA
  9. I'd always take Arracan over Corunna ;) When were you at the fighting 4th then Cuddles?

    If you were to go to a gun battery at 4th Regt RA, my preferred order would be:

    88 (Arracan) Battery
    3/29 (Corunna) Battery
    97 Battery (Lawsons Coy)
    52 (Niagara) Battery

    Then if your friends know a place to buy REALLY LONG envelopes, theres always: 94 (New Zealand) Headquarters Battery! That caused quite a stir in the ranks when it was awarded as it meant the HQ Bty was more senior in title than one of the gun Btys :)

    Never even got a bloody Kiwi when I was posted out as they were reserved for SNCOs then :(

    I started off with 88, then on becoming a Regimental Clerk ended up doing a stint with each Battery over the 6 1/2 years I was there (90 - 96).
  10. 52 (Niagara) Bty -formerly the senior Battery of 45 Regt RA - are now part of 19 Regt and have been re-rolled/butchered into an OP/FOO party Bty. You've gotta love this gubermint and their SDR's, just gotta... Cnuts.

    52 Bty were a West Yorkshire Bty grafted onto a Geordie Regt; if you did not* enjoy your time there, chances are that was because the rest of 4 Regt saw them as the basrtard Ginger step-child.

    * Dislextic tawt
  11. They were eventually accepted once we had enough Yorkie / Geordie translators on unit strength :) Their Bty Clk 'Johnny M' was a sound lad too.
  12. Johnny (Womble*) M**** the 52 Bty Combat Clerk was in deed a good lad. Some of the Bolton birds who attended his wedding to Sue, though, were truely, remarkable.

    * One worked, the prosthetic one floated!

    Johhny: if you read this, please remember I've several piccy's of you passed-out naked in Jim-Bob's room. Oh, and the Denmark stories! :wink:
  13. Served in many Btys all first class,also some Inf Bns but one of the best must be..
    18(Quebec1759)Bty..always gets the job done no matter what,has a fine history behind it.

  14. Don't know about the best Regiment or Battery, but one of the DS at Redford gets my vote.

    Top bloke, universally known as Bomb O'B****, goes well out of his way to bring on the squaddies that pass his way. Part of an overall excellent team up there.

    You know who are - take a pat on the back.

    If I mention the porn star tache they'll know who this is.

  15. The Chestnut Troop closely followed by L Nery