Best GPS (that doesn't require pre-planned route software)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Sam3212, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm sure this will be a magnet for "a map and compass is good enough, you'll destroy traditional skills etc etc" but I'm looking for helpful advice so please bare that in mind. Map and compass will always be my primary method but it's nice to always have a back-up (as well as your check nav man).

    I'm looking to buy a GPS that you can programme in with grids as you find them out - most of the ones online are ones that you have to pre-plan with google earth etc and I want one that is durable, simple and accurate.

    If any of you own a Gentleman's device that has saved your bacon or just always been consistenly useful and easy to use then please raise it. Remember, I need one that has 'spontaneous' programme capability, not one you plug into a laptop and plan.

  2. PS I realise that the G.P.S. has auto-linked to the ARRSE shop but it only mentions pre-planned software.
  3. Right I'll retract that for being a fricking mong.

    Price is your big question.

    Whats your budget?
  4. I use a Garmin mapping 60CSx GPS and have used it in 20 countries so far. Use it with something like Arc GIS 9.3. The Garmin Map Source program that comes with it is pants, but you can pre load the GPS with maps of almost anywhere. And you can load coords on the move and it will give you track, distance, direction and so on. It will also do track back and man overboard and has a built in compass etc.
  5. No worries and thankls for all the responses. Erm anywhere that isn't eye-wateringly expensive: max range would be around £250 and anywhere below that would be acceptable. I saw the Forerunner 401 and that looks good but the only -ve I saw is that it isn't very detailed; if i were to go from grid 123456 and want to go to grid 654321 it would allow me to tap the co-ords in and it'd literally point me in the right direction? Forgive my ignorance but i've only ever done it the old fashioned way.
  6. The Garmin will do all of that and much more and it costs around 400 USD - and you can programme it to use WGS84, Indian 75 and about a dozen other coordinates systems.

    You get what you pay for with GPS.
  7. Depends what you mean by detailed?

    It has go to which is what you're discribing and a compass integral so yes it will point you in the direction required.

    Like I said no real bells and whistles but actually packed with a lot of info, also its well within your price range with change if you shop around
  8. Garmin etrex range.
  9. Looks good!
  10. I have a basic garmin etrex that I bought 5 - 6 years ago, its still going strong. Its basic but it does the job, you can input waypoints in advance or add them as you like en route. The graphics wont win any prizes these days but it does the job.
  11. You can have my Garmin Pilot II for fifty sheets if you are happy to go Old Skool.
  12. My first GPS many moons ago, bullet proof, simple and cheap. It finally died when the issue batteries leaked inside it.
  13. Garmin Etrex gets my vote. Solid, reliable and simple. The further up the range you go the more bells and whistles you get but the billy basic job is down around £100. Another upside is they run on AA batteries so no probs with charging etc.UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BUY ANY GPS HARDWARE FROM MEMORY MAP. Their software is great but the GPS are shite with a big big S. Bug-ridden rubbish. .
  14. Yeah i'm looking at an extrex vista hcx now...seems pretty solid. I've got about a week to try it out before it actually needs to be used/drag me out the mess if I make a mistake. How long did it take you all to learn to use it efficiently?