Best GPS for Ops/Excersise?


As per the title... What in your opinion is the best GPS to purchase for operations and when on Excersise in the UK and elsewhere.

I know you can sign them out from the CQMS but I'm going to buy my own. I have been looking at the Garmin foretrex 401 and like the fact you can wear it on your wrist but I wanted the opinion of you chaps.

If you need a GPS for Ops you will get a 401. Makes sense to get that one if you want to buy one privately.
Foretrex 401.

But the 101 is just as useable.

I find the wrist option a pain in the arrse. the pouch option and attach in on your left shoulder works well. RVOps sell the pouches.
I got the Foretrex 301. As good as the 401 but cheaper and better than the 101 or the terrible 201.


I have seen the pouches before and will Deffinetely get one if I go down the 401 route. What are the differences between the 401 and 101 apart from the price? Is the 101 battery powered and 401 internal battery powered? If so I would have thought the 101 would be better for use on the ground.

Navigation isn't too bad as I'm a sniper.

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