Best gloves for winter exercice

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by October Gunner, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. Hi I'm half way through my phase 1 training and have just finished ex half way. Probably mostly due to poor admin, I have suffered from cracked knuckles as a result of wearing my gloves over wet hands, or that's what I think caused it, along with the cold.

    Basically I was wondering if there were any recommendations for better gloves I could purchase for when we go on ex next year, quite possibly in the snow, or just icy rain. The issued leather gloves are not warm enough, and even our training staff don't wear them.

    Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Sealskinz! No contest.
  3. Sealskins are good as they're water proof and you can get cotton inners to wear under them which (I believe) help keep your hands warmer. Also they're not too thick so don't interfere with weapon drills and the like though they can make things like using a radio or fiddly jobs difficult.
  4. If you think those gloves are bad, you should go back to the old NI gloves.

    *Youth of today etc. etc.
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  5. Cheers for the tips, I'll look into the sealskinz.
  6. Green sealskins with the black grip on the palms/inside of the fingers look exactly like the issued contact gloves so if you are in a unit/ training establishment who's SOPs are to only use issue kit, then they'll never tell the difference.
    On the other hand (no pun intended) the sealskins will keep your hands dry and warm.
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  7. Wristlets are pretty good if you can get some.

    Keeps the blood flowing to your fingers warm.
  8. if you can get to an army surplus store you could probably pick up some good stuff for a good price there,sealskinz are awsome bits of kit(I have a pair and find them awsome but apart from keeping hand warms dry and warm,if your hands are already blocks of ice you need something that's gonna warm them up,maybe some cheap warm pads from any outdoor clothing shop
  9. What is currently on issue? I had 2 pairs of issue gloves, one pair were thin leather with the strap around the wrist... they did nothing for warmth but were quite good for general wear as hand protection; but also had another leather pair which had quite a lot of insulation inside (and no strap). They weren't so good for general use due to losing all dexterity but were actually pretty warm so long as your hands were reasonably warm when you put them in the gloves. Also helped if the gloves were reasonably warm too (putting them down boxers overnight seemed to work). So I guess they were good at keeping heat in, if it was already there. Did some bitterly cold exercises and found them fine actually.

    Can't disagree with the Sealskinz comments though, very warm and waterproof! I also have some North Face things which are very thin but still very warm. Not like Sealskinz warm but warm enough to live with, and the thin fabric means you can do anything you'd be able to do without wearing them. Also available with metallic fibres so that you can use your iPhone without taking them off.
  10. As already suggested, I would recommend sealskinz, but would definately recommend getting the inners for them as well. They're great at keeping your hands dry, but not so good at keeping them warm, IMHO.
  11. Go with inserts as already mentioned but make sure they are 'fingerless' just above the last knuckle. It makes a real difference to overall dexterity and you wont really lose much warmth.
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  12. Blacks (and thus, Millets) are proper stockists of the full range of Sealskinz gloves. Show MOD90 for 10% off, tell them you have purchase authority for your unit's mountaineering team and you can get a Specialist Card which gives you 15% off, even on stuff that's already on special offer.
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  13. Smocks come with rather handy fleace lined pockets now... use them.

    If someone picks you you for having your hands in your pockets, tut loudly, role your eyes and explain patiently to the dullard that Her Majesty has deemed it right and proper to issue you with a smock with fleace lined pockets in, so you can use them anything else would be treason.

    You'll stay warm and toasty all exercise.
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  14. hehehe, can see that one going down a treat...