Best Gisset/s borrowed from the Worst Squaddie Bar

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gundulph, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. In line with "The Worst Squaddie bar You Have Ever Been In" and "The Worst Drink You Have Ever Had In The Worst Squaddie Bar You Have Ever Been In"

    - "What Is the Best Gisset You Have Ever Half-Inched (I mean 'Borrowed') From 'The Worst Squaddie Bar You Have Ever Been In"?

    Edited to Add: I will start us off - Wildenrath late 80's-ish, after being invited to the Rock Apes Bar on Wildenrath, it somehow ended up a free for all resulting unfortunately in their Bar being completely trashed and all of their Falklands War Souvenirs 'borrowed' for the night! a few of us had no clue we had even brought any gissets back to the accommodation until being rudely awoken in the early hours by the Badge who was not a happy bunny! turns out several of us discovered Uzi's and other delights hidden by some barstewards amongst the bedding, in lockers and bergans etc.!!! 8O

    We actually all got away with it with no punishment but only if we could rebuild their Bar over the next 2 days! luckily we were quite apt as a Squadron at construction tasks being Sappers and they ended up with a better Bar than before we trashed it! all Gissets were returned and I think we even gave them some of our own to remind them of that 'eventful' night 8)
  2. ' borrowed' a pool ball from the command house in chatham once and carried it back to brompton barracks in me sock which i had held tightly in me hand because i thought i was going to get jumped walking through that estate on the way.

    not as good as gundulph 'borrowing' an UZI like but if they had any in the command house i would of ' borrowed 'one of them instead definately.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I've woken up with a few tac signs in German whilst in sennelager but never felt the need to go armed from the Command House back to Brompton, its a main road, you must take some detour to go through an estate!
  4. aye the bit when you go through brompton street. some gurkhas got kidnapped down there and mugged, round 2000ish. there was a bombscare around the same time i think, turned out to be a hoax. And there was loads of Gypsies cutting about the place offering to fight people for there trainers and mad stuff like that.

    I really miss Chatham.
  5. A drill javelin round found its way from the top Naafi in MPA to underneath my bed in the block a few years ago!