Best German beer on excersise

Discussion in 'RAC' started by CrimsonCrowbar, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. For me it has to be the small tins of Hansa Pils bought from Aldi in the the 80s. you could fit around 9-10 in one charge container, times that by about 16ish (old age has diminished the memory of how many ready round charge bins where behind the gun) and that gives you a lot of beer, beer for breakfast, beer for lunch, beer for tea, beer for radio stag in fact beer all day. those were the days my friends

  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Herforder 10 packs - shiite beer, but conveniently sized to be both currency and carry out friendly.
  4. BB51

    Thats why i did this post to stop me falling a sleep in the office
  5. 'Yeller handbags' were okay spose!! For us, couldn't beat Paderborner silvertops!!!! Aldi beer??? Gnat's p*ss!!!!! Mind you, Paderborner was so popular with us, Aldi by the Sudring in Paderborn started to stock it for us!! Best of both worlds, the beer AND the price!
  6. What 'Hansa Pils' aka 'Mojo' P*ss'!!! :roll:

  7. Herforder Shiiiite beer? 1 RTR's first exercise after we arrived in Herford in 1976 introduced us to something called horsy or pony bier. That was the worst of the worst!! There was nearly a mutiny & every SQMS from then on took a full 4 tonne truck full of Herforder out on scheme. I agree the Paderborner is a top quality beer but Herforder crap?. maybe the export with the green stripe on it, but the pils (red stripe) is nectar.
  8. Whats that crap called you get in poland on ulan eagle, comes in green red and brown cans i think and vary in strength. fooking lethal, almost as bad as slipinthe ditch you get in balkans.
  9. Sounds like an RTR beer to me, it can't be though cos' you said it was crap!!! :D
  10. Paderborner pils in the snobby bottle with the pull off top was great, Soltau the hansa pils (snacksize) or Bocholts would be a beer of choice, anything other than that filth that "Wolfgang" used to peddle on his vans!

    Mind you "all beer is good beer, it is just that some beers are better than others"

    Nobby - hic
  11. Wolfgangs a LEGEND
    That FILTH got me through many a wet Soltau exercise and tasted like the best beer in the world until I could get back to camp for Warsteiner and Weisen bier. :pissed:
  12. Crap in green and red cans...that would be Kestrel and McEwans export!! Brown cans I can't help you with...Broon is feckin lovely man!

    Now on a more serious note, the green stuff in Poland is Lech. Red is Zywiec I think. Brown? Not sure, it is a long time since I last visited the fine training areas of Poland...
  13. wolfgangs used to be wittinger..
  14. Pupster mate
    Where you been? Wittinger - oh dear, bad stuff!!! Wolfgang was better at 6 figure grids that the average soldier!!!!!
  15. Paderborner??????????? Gives you a headache drinking it!! I'm all for Herfy me, and there is a god cos he's posted me to Herford aaaaaah Mecca (A Mecha even) :)