Best / Funniest Footy Chants

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FidoRichardRichard, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. For Example..

    From Glasgow Rangers during the 1980 - 81 season..

    "Do you want a chicken supper Bobby Sands?"
  2. Allegedly there is mobile phone footage of steve gerrards good lady getting a good seeing to by a club doorman. So on derby days the gwldays street faithful sing to stevie me

    Whats that coming over your bird
    is it a bouncer
    is it a bouncer
  3. Classic! How about "Yer kids not yours not yours, steve gerrard gerrard"

    Used to like "Youve got pinnochio and our car stereos! :D "
  4. Steve gerrard gerrard
    runs over kids in his car
    he's poof but thinks he's hard
    steve gerrard gerrard
  5. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    The timeless "Kopites are gobsh1tes"
    Cracks me up every time :D
  6. After Van Persie got into trouble with a lady (charges subsequently dropped).

    They were playing at Bolton shortly after and they sang (to the tune of Craig David 'when the crowd say Bo, Selector'

  7. Sung to wrexham fans

    Your just a small town in poland small town in poland
  8. Are you Wigam in disguise
  9. Scottish team in Italy: We're gonna deep fry ya pizzas
  10. Shortly after Peter Shilton drove into lamp post after being caught in car with a girl's skirt round his ears,
    as Ray Clemence ran out, Kop chants,'England,England number one'
    as Peter Shilton ran out,Kop chants,England,England,sixty nine.'
  11. An old man city one was same tune as the bobby sands ditty

    would you like a can of stella georgie best would you like a can of stella georgie best would like a can of stella coz your face is looking yellow(yeller)
  12. When Robert Maxwell fell off his boat (or was he pushed? Hope so!), the Oxford United Fans were asked to observe a minute's silence in rememberance of the Great cap'n Bob MC.

    Instead they chose to chant

    He's fat
    He's round
    He's six foot underground,
    Robert Maxwell (clap clap)
    Robert Maxwell (clap clap)

    Sheer quality.

  14. Various old firm chants make me chuckle but a couple that stick in my mind, also to the "chicken supper" tune are

    "I'd rather be a paki than a hun"

    or the timeless

    "I'd rather wear a turban than a sash"

    Or on the same old firm derby from one end was heard
    "hail hail the popes in jail"

    replied swiftly with
    "Hail Hail the pope got bail"
  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I remember a football terrace chant sung along to "London Bridge" that was popular in the 1970's and 80's. It was actually an anti-police chant used by fans to taunt the rozzers on crowd control duty and was picked up by various anarcho-crusty outfits in the 80's.

    Harry Roberts is our friend
    Is our friend, is our friend
    Harry Roberts is our friend
    He kills coppers

    Shoots the bastards with a gun
    With a gun, with a gun
    Shoots the bastards with a gun
    Harry Roberts

    Shoots the bastards two by two
    Two by two, two by two
    Shoots the bastards two by two
    He kills coppers

    Let him out to kill some more
    Kill some more, kill some more
    Harry Roberts

    Harry Roberts is a notorious cop killer who served with the Green Jackets in Kenya and Malaya where he distinguished himself in action. He shot two coppers in the the Braybrook St massacre in 1966 in Shepherds Bush, and his mate shot another. It was fairly near the QPR grounds and so it was quite a common chant on Loftus Road, but I definitely remember also hearing it in Aldershot sung by drunken squaddies baiting the local fuzz.