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Best / Funniest CR /OJAR quotes

'WO2 XXX XX is of medium build with a receeding hairline' - (not me by the way)

Why on earth would a half colonel write that on someones CR?


Book Reviewer
RN CRs always used to start with a short physical desciption of the victim - perhaps this LtCol got his ideas from that?
"has a no-nonsense attitude towards discipline" i never worked out if this was good or bad.....

"fully participates and is always an active social member of the LAD" in other words, likes a beer or ten??
Allegedly of a Cav officer: "I would not breed from this officer".
Allegedly of a Gunner officer whose sister was a rather well-known model: "It is a shame he is not as attractive as his sister".
In both cases I feel the comments say more of the writer than the person being written upon. And finally, my favourite..... written of a friend who was a good egg and very experienced operational type.... the SRO's comment was simply "promote this man now". He was.
Thanks MSR, but it was a while ago, and i thought we might also get some positive ones. Like:

MSR is a most dilient and hardworking man with excellent recall.
I sh!t you not, this is genuine following op telic 1....

"Pte x is an outstanding soldier in every respect

....(with the final line).....

....and if he isn't in the Sgt's Mess within 10 yrs I'll show my arrse in BASRAH market!"
Lt Snooks men will follow him anywhere (if only out of a sense of morbid curiosity)
"This man is by no means going to set the heather alight, in fact i dont think he will come close to even singeing it" :D

"This no man is by no means a Star, in fact he isnt even a minor planet" :D
many moons ago on one of my first 2066's:
spr g------- has a blatant disregard for any military law
funnily enough i did'nt get on the jnco cadre that year, bloody thing was wrote by a skier that we had'nt seen all fecking year as well!!!!
LT XXXX - XXXXXXX is a fine example of a former Cavalry Officer, serving in a Yeomanry Company in a TA Infantry Battalion.
(i.e. a total cowboy) - no offence to the Cavalry by the way!
A Scottish friend of mine almost had,

This man is a credit to his nation placed on his CR,

Luckily it was intersepted and reworded prior to being sent.
Have been shown one along the lines of

"Sgt X is solid and dependable, like my old Volvo"

as you would expect this was by the 2nd RO.

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