Best (free) weather forecast

I need a decent weather forecast service for my work, but can't find a good one. The Met Office is too prone to exaggerate for the avoidance of lawsuits, and the other services I've seen seem to be a bit keen on predicting the % likelihood of various events, which don't seem to unfold.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Got a window? Open it :)

PA that must be a new version of the stone i used to have, that would only tell me when there was an earthquake.
I agree. Metcheck is probably the most accurate in my opinion but I don't know if anyone has done any statistical comparisons. I know the weather app on my I-phone is all but useless.
Met Office, like so many institutions during the Blair / Brown Terror got politicised. They were obliged to follow the ludicrous mantra of 'Global Warming', in order to justify the odious and inept oaf Brown raising more taxes.

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