Best for fitness; tabbing with weight or running?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Dudes

    Advice please.

    Given a limited amount of time for fitness, would it be better for general gfitness ( and *ahem* weight control... allegedly... :oops: ) to put a nice 25kg sandbag into a daysack and do an hour or so; or run in PT kit for an hour?


  2. I would say running because you are less lightly to hurt yourself.
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  3. Depends what you want to train for: if it's fighting flab or an op tour, then tabbing with weight (controlled energy burn, endurance training, etc) BUT if it is for everyday general fitness, then PT running with no weight and ensure you cross-train so that you don't just run the whole time...waddle on friends.
  4. IMHO, running with a small day sack

    Off-road if possible to protect your knees

    In general, use trainers ....not boots. (Start wearing boots when you prepare for a particular event)

    Small weight: allows you to vary your CV work and will get results relatively quickly. Change weights to vary the endurance

    Big weight: will create stamina….but take far longer to help you. Plus you run the risk of injury

    Best runs in London: 1. On the riding track in Hyde Park / or across 2.Hampstead Heath

    1.Close to work, muddy wet, nice women, contained, hardwork, results
    2.The same as above plus extra ‘man-on-man’ action for you metrosexual types
  5. Running with weight is a quick route to broken ankles / knackered knees...
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  6. agreed. ...but if you have to run-with-weight for real, how do you train?
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  7. Day sack and beast it. Injurys will happen in either case but the ability to move with wieght at speed for prolonged durations is paramount.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    General training go for trainers and off road if possible. Boots/bergan for TABs only, particularly when you get to a reasonable age (and state of decrepitude).
  9. Trainers and 10-15 pounds in a daysack over undulating terrain.
    Add gradients to taste and watch your ankles!
  10. I used to use an old pair of Berghaus goretex boots when I ran with weight; comfortable and light like trainers but better ankle support.

    Generally speaking if you want to lose weight even jogging for an hour without a daysack will burn it off over time. I would have said that avoiding injury is of paramount importance for you - if you knacker your knees or ankles and can't do any training you really will get fat and be pi$$ed off to boot!

    I would recomend patience and a training programme that won't injure you. Walking briskly for an hour with a heavier weight - 35lbs will burn calories but shoudn't damage your body if you do it over grass.
  11. HJow much time have you got (as in days not mins per day)? The RTMC build-up phys programme has running and tabbing over 28 days.
  12. IMHO, a bit of both helps keep it interesting.

    Edited to add: I didn't mean it that way you dirty bastard.
  13. Time is limited by job/kids/telly/alcohol, not a deadline.
  14. If you only have an hour, then why not do a mixed session - some speed work and then some walking with weight - say 60lbs for example. Do the run first, then the weight walk. Depending on your existing level of fitness, I would say if you are not some couch potato, then a hour a couple of times a week with a big bergen is very good. It is aerobic fitness but the load carrying is also good because it is relatively (before you all shout at me) low impact.

    The US Army had a big change of heart and had guys doing combat PT, which was walking around in full kit, instead of jogging. We had a US artillery officer on our CATC course and I was stunned on a Wednesday afternoon, as I jogged off to play touch rugby, to see "Nate" fully loaded and going off for a walk around Warminster!
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  15. More bone questions, join the Army and find out for your self.
    Next, you will be asking what to put in your webbing.