Best Food Processor?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Dashing_Chap, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. Lock up yer chickens! DC's venturing into kitchen territory.

    I've just splashed out 95 quid on a Kenwood Multi Pro FP920 Kenwood - Food Processor Kenwood FP920 simply because it had 34 functions and I reckon I could make more stuff with it, or they may just be for decoration.

    I must confess I'm fairly new to this lark, up until a few weeks ago I knew how to order a pizza and make a bad cup of tea, but now I can boast of cooking pizza from scratch, as well as bread and pancakes, and I don't use any flour either! I've had to start dabbling with cookery as I suffer a bit from Ulcerative Colitis (which has also unfortunately wrecked my military ambitions) and in the meantime I'm having to drastically change my diet and cook everything I eat to get rid of the crappy additives you get from supermarkets, hence my investment in the food processor.

    So, did I get a good buy? A bit late now to change it I spose, are there any better makes on the market? I've also brought a yoghurt maker which should be interesting.

    I shall be perusing the Cookery section for a bit in order to get more tips and hopefully learn a few things.

  2. The old Kenwood Chefs are indestructible.
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  3. "I've also brought a yoghurt maker which should be interesting."

    Cranberries in the blender with yoghurt should help with the thrush......
  4. Civet Cat. If it works for coffee, it's gotta work for tartare. Simples.
  5. Maybe you should have shopped around then bought a Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KM023 - now that is a piece of kit. Only 950Euros, mind you it does have a 2 horsepower electric motor and lots of attachments including juicers, food processors, slicer and shredder, mincer, ice-cream maker!!!
  6. The best food processor I've found is me Mum! It'll chop,shred,slice and dice,juice etc. Doesn't cost **** all to run and is voice operated :)
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  7. Kitchen Aid Artisan,end of!

    Don't ever drop it on your foot.:shock:
  8. You mean you've just got the bog standard,haven't been on ebay,to get all the bells,and whistles cheap,from the US,just mixing,and grinding,tut,tut! :)
  9. My mum had a series of Kenwood Chefs, but when I went to look at a modern standard version for my wife, I found that they'd become very plasticky and fragile. Consequently, we bought a Chef Major Titanium. Its a heck of a beast: at least twice the weight of a standard version, and incredibly powerful. When you make a full bowl of bread dough, its beats the sh*t out of it in about five seconds flat. It really is a "professional" bit of kitchen equipment - probably enough for a small restaurant or bakery production line.
  10. All these machines are puff stuff, my missus has broken them all: Kitchen Aid, Kenwood Chef, Braun, Magimix, the lot. They are as dust beneath her chariot wheels, not one of them lasted longer than six months.

    Finally I got her a Robot-Coupé processor and a secondhand Hobart N-50 mixer, she's had them four years and not broken them even a bit. If they're proof against my missus they can survive anything.
  11. Concur 4t. Plan to whack some sausage with mine some day.

    Doing it with a finger or two,eyes scrunched a bit near the screen, trying to make sure I don't make a mess or mistake in the process.
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Fnar. The Kenwood Chef. Happy memories of back when we setup our first money-earning website. I would link you but it would cause a fuss with my Moderators. ******* Machines, eh? Happy juicing.
  13. I much prefer this food processor:


    And, if you are lucky, she might even pack the dishwasher for you...

    Lits :)
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  14. Best Food Processor?

    Pigs; eat anything and turn it into bacon.

    What more could you want?
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  15. Hah - disproved that one! Bought one for Mrs GB a few years back and, within a couple of years, the "grip-it" type heavy plastic wossname which holds the various bits in place decomposed and the whole machine is now useless. Still trying to get it repaired and/or replaced.