Best Films of 2018

Obviously there is a what film have you just seen thread.

However thought that it would be interesting to see what cinematic highlights of 2018 come to folks minds.

I'll get the ball rolling with,

Hereditary: Probably the best horror film I've ever seen. Tension, suspense, brilliant score and a jaw dropping finale.

First Man: Touching portrayal of Neil Armstrong's astronaut years set against the backdrop of the unquenchable sense of loss of his infant daughter, after she succumbs to a brain tumor. Superb 3rd film from the only 33 year old Damien Chazzelle. Best spaceflight scenes seen in cinema to date. Gemini and Apollo spacecraft more realistically shown to be less glamorous wonder-tech than the frankly terrifying, deathtraps screeching and shaking the astronauts towards the goal of setting foot on the moon before 1970

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