Best FAM visits??

I've got a bit of time to kill before RCB and so am going to go on a few FAM visits- which are meant to be the best? Signed up to signals already - is artillery worth going on? any others got a reputation of being good?

Having attended an Artillery fam visit about 6 weeks ago I can HIGHLY rate it. It was a fantastic visit, you'll get shown all the guns, get to talk to a lot of officers, and soldiers, not to mention the YOs just out of Sandhurst. On the second day, they'll PT you to death, but don't let that put you off, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, a must in my opinion.
cool, might book myself in for that one then- anyone know how to organise a FAM visit without going through your careers adviser contact- mine is away for 4 weeks on holiday- now there's an advert for the army!

also, what's the signals fam visit like? got that one late September- any tips?
anyone done the loggies one at deepcut?? anyone no what to expect at a FAM visit full stop??
REME and RE are both fun, especially boating on the Medway in rigid raiders. Mind you, drinking games - from a free bar - with REME didn't exactly count as a chore.
Hmm, Reme has to be the best, the biggest test being how you cope with the hangover in day 2!

From what i remeber the sigs make you run and stuff! Not my idea of fun!
Ah the signals. Well you'll meet a couple of Captains who will take you through your visit. There will probably be some command tasks, PT and the classic scripted presentation. If you're lucky you'll get to play beams on the first night which is always a laugh, and have a look in the Bet Book too. The Signals mess isn't as upmarket as the one at Larkhill (as far as I can remember) but the officers there are superb.
Anyone done anything with the infantry?

I'm hoping to go see PWRR (possibly RRF and LI too). I've also been advised to go see RA and RE, but they sound a bit more **** with the visits.
Signals is definately the way forward!!!!! Wait till you get on the won't beat the Tp Comds' course....obviously!

Capt B
REME one was excelent. Didnt really enjoy the signals one was far too big in comparison to the REME one and just didnt like the regiment :).
Not sure if I'm being an old fart here, but surely you should go on fam visits to corps / regiments that interest you, having read the recruiting paraphenalia, rather than making a decision based on someone else's recommendation of which is the most 'fun'.

Oneshot said:
From what i remeber the sigs make you run and stuff! Not my idea of fun!
In which case, may I suggest the RAF?
i did the para POC in 2002, was pretty immense, got off the bus in my new suit and started banging out the push-ups, quick lap around the Naafi and then a few more push-ups.... all in my suit... there was an absolute nutter of a cpl shouting out the orders all the time.... was in pieces for a weeks after! it's a really good few days which will prepare you for RCB... definately recommend it! Arty is good, RLC- surprisingly was good fun, Sigs is a laugh also definately worth it- even if its just for the socialising! Most P.O.C's will involve some form of running, but nodbody is judging you on ability... mostly it's there to give you an idea of what's required for RCB....
Without doubt the best is the Arty, lost of booze, lots of bangs, lots more booze and then some quick zoom around salisbury plain playing with kit and then back for some more booze! Larkhill was definitely teh dogs. RE can be good aswell but spent most of the visit on a bus going from one end of the southeast to another to see stuff, although I did get to see all of 'A bridge to far' and American pie (again!)
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