Best fags in the world

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. Someone said they're in San Diego, but I prefer a Slovak brand called Mars.
  2. Oh, so not Elton John, then...

    damn English cultural differences...
  3. My faves were:

    Embassy no.1's
    Camel Lights
    Lucky Strikes

    Though, for the last few years of my smoking career Prince Lights were probably the ones I smoked most often (due to availability).

    For a rare treat on a trip home Kensitas Club were great too!

    Oh God, I've gone all nostalgic for cigarettes......

    I think a trip to the petrol station is in order.

  4. I thought Gauloises were the preference of fags..or was that ' intellectuals'?
  5. Only the French can smoke a pipe( 12/10 for anyone who gets that one)
  6. [​IMG]

    Like these ?
  7. Regal King Size, good Scottish fag! oh and Venice Beach, Florida :wink:
  8. Players No 6 brown not green. Anyone remember? Filterless.
  9. No, but I do rember Players Weights. They were great, I used them to scare off people who were on the scrounge. They only ever asked once.......
  10. Players "Passing Clouds". Oval shaped, came in a pink box. Had a picture of a cavalier smoking a Churchwarden on the front. No I am not making it up.
  11. Embassy,the fags that you could buy in Kenya on EX Grand Prix were f ucking gipping,but working out about 25p for a packet,I ended up smoking 40 + a day.They looked like the British fags and had A.F.C.O printed on the side.Was that Armed Forces Consumption Only or African Fag Company?
  12. Now lets not get down to brand definitions. The ones I used to puff when working in Sardinia were called MS. Most usually referred to as Morto Securo
  13. Ah Embassys, they're fantastic and still cheap as chips-about Ksh40! I got through loads!
  14. John Player Special
    Nothing else will do, even turn down OP's in preference.
  15. Embassy. Yes, done a few of them. No. 10s when desperate. Never quite understood the name though. " Mr Kissinger, would you fancy a tab?" Hmmmmm.