Best experiences of the Int corps?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Aeder88, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Hey,

    As you can see from my post count I am new around here.
    Just about to send off my last load of papers to book the date for my AOSB and putting some more thought into my choice of corps.

    I had a browse around the main army site and the PDFs there on the Int corp but they seemed pretty generalising on what to expect in the Int corps ( "I met my best friends!" "I had a great time!" and so on ).

    Anyone care to enlighten me a bit with some specific examples of day to day things or as the title implies the things that you love about it?

  2. as I don my beret each morning, I get a funny feeling in my special area.
  3. This thread has some potential. I'll go and put the kettle on...

    I used to love the Monday morning muster parade, with everyone smartly turned out in exactly the same uniform...

  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Try Anusol: that'll help.
  5. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Shame and embarrassment? :D
  6. Oh Goodie! A live one!

    Though to be fair, the Int Corps does have the best looking women (if it isn't illegal to say that anymore)
  7. My best time in the Int Corps was a lass called Sarah I met in the Greenfly. It was great fun being in her.
  8. ah, Sarah.

    you knew her as Sarah. before the operation, we knew him as Brian.
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  9. And then you transferred?
  10. Personally I used to love those undercover missions behind the Iron Curtain - where the Irn Bru was hidden !
  11. No prob;
    First off you'll wake up, stretch scratch your balls, flange, face*
    Go for SSS, put nicely-ironed uniform
    On. Saunter across for breakfast; have a quick natter with some buddies as you meander to work nonchalantly doffing your cap to any orifices that you may pass.
    Get to work, put kettle on, have a fag*
    Then at the end of the day you'll mosey on back did dinner/tea*; back to your room get changed go out for a beer ( or shandy if you are a dim-sider/g&t if officer). Laugh and joke with Marie's, go back to your scratcher, pull/stroke one off, go to sleep ready for Groundhog Day.
    *delete as necessary.

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  12. Spotting a couple shagging in the latest satellite imagery ?
  13. My first job at my first posting - "get that bloody brew point sorted out".
  14. Of course there was the time when I was a JNCO during my first tour in NI when my paedophile Sergeant Major got right on my tits and I accidentally slipped half a dozen laxatives into his morning coffee. He was arrested back in the UK soon after for buggering two little boys - although I don't claim the laxatives were to blame !
  15. Go to work, get pi$$ed, go to work, get pi$$ed, etc etc
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