Best Exercise Ever?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Cheat, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. This might have to go into Lamp and handbags, but just wanted to ask the question:

    What is the best exercise you've ever been on? And why? It can be for any reason at all. Did you have about eleven tonnes of pyro, or did the CO get skiffed by the entire Coy?

    Get thinking!

    T C
  2. Brave defender was pretty good, we got a phone call 20 minutes into the exercise telling us we had a bomb planted in our barracks, bomb disposal couldnt get to us for another 4 hours so we got blown up and spent the rest of the exercise being "dead" in the bar.
  3. Denmark; attack on a dry dock with two helis landing troops and strafing, an MTB doing the same and assault by kyacks all at the same time. Totally unrealistic and not an act of war at all but the danish home guard all jumped in their cars and f**ked off. Outstanding!
  4. i think nicknaming the exericse's three sections gave us all fond memories....

    "exercise rapid first"
    "exercise sweet release"
    "exercise golden shower"

    looked great in after action reports.
  5. Loads of good exercises before SDR, but since SDR Ex Griffin Focus (although I moaned a lot about it)
  6. Exercise Casino Royale in 1990 when i was 4 PARA-jumped in early saturday morning into Hammelberg,FIBUA against US Army enemy (with armour) back sunday with duty frees.You just dont get exercises like that anymore.
  7. Public Order Excercise at Copehill Down, where we got to knock seven shades of preverbial out of the Regimental Band and assorted Admin Monkeys.
  8. A 3 mile run followed by some starjumps and burpees!!

    OK - Brave Defender - Attached to 242 Signal Squadron - On the piss everynight in the Old Town.
  9. 1996. Scotland. 5 days(or was it weeks?) trudging over untrudged parts of Scotland. Then coming off the area at Endex to get onto coaches to head straight home. Totally mad
  10. Thetford 1994.

    Or Lion Star.
  11. Belize 1997.
  12. That was a good one, remember our 'new' BOWDEN with its 'fixed' brakes rolling down the hills towards the cliffs several times.

    Not forgetting the MFC's getting their location and the enemy locations mixed up. We must have wiped out 3 DWR several times.......
  13. Didn't mortars have a few dramas early on with manpacking on that trip....?
  14. I think some of the MFC's went down quite early on, they were using my Mortar Line as a rest area.
  15. Not much use there! Why didn't they rest with the Platoon/Company they were attached to?