Best Excercise Ever?

Whats Your Best Excercise Ever - and Why :?:

For me Western Warrior 2 a Brigade ex split between Thetford and Keilder was tops. A UN scenario cw Blue Smurf suits.

Memorable for Proper real life Serbian Interpreters to use & look after
Live platoon attacks - pretty rare these days.
Some top stands inlc Hostage rescue, Helo evacs, mexican standoff
Brassing the Spam danglers 101st airborne aka The Squawkin Budgies
Keilder chasing Drug barons.

Playing Shove Landrover 1/2ton airportable Lannie (us) vs V8 Shorlands (Rangers). Getting into a massive Firefight with same and then a Fistfight during which They stole one Lannie and One very pissed JNCO Ha Ha Taff.

Getting major Brownie points for not giving the tic tac to the genuine UN observers instead we gave them a brew and offered our Native Russian speaker for a chat with the Polish ( then still Warsaw Pact) General.

Watchin my mate ( ex23 no Less ) fold on the Tab - Gucci new boots my Arrse!

Pushing the spams off Frog hill while doing section attacks with GPMG SF mounted cos the Platoon Cdr ordered the Butts to be Left behind, Quality Comedy moment.

Terrifying a captured Ossifer cadet by gentle interrogation - we wouldn't really have done; him at least I don't think that we would.

Waking Recce Platoon up who had all fallen asleep in an open top lannie on the A1 at 50mph.

Watching a rival Plts Sgt 'Saving' the refugees by plasticuffing them in front of the Media.

Jus a few Highlights for me. :D
Best UK - Thetford 94. Hard work and very rewarding. Though our Canadians couldn't understand why they couldn't kick the doors in at West Raynham :D

Best Overseas - Lionstar 97
Marble Tor,Gibralter, hard work ,loads of new stuff to learn and on the lash in Spain and Gib.
If you get the chance , do it!

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Aussie aerobics - most mornings - Sky Sport 8)


Best - Ex Eastern Shield 1988 as a Recce Pln Gunner

Worst - Ex G%^ F£$"£$"£ 2006 confined to a COMCEN

The two biggest exercises I've ever been
Eagle Strike 2006.

Working with 2 PARA BG, in the first wave of five Merlins, landing on the DZ and starting a 4 acre fire.

We suspect the element of surprise was lost.

OC "Sgt S the CO of 2 PARA wants to see you.."
Sgt S: "Why?"

What do you mean, it wasn't an exercise?


War Hero
Marble Tor Gibraltar, brilliant! Hope I get to do it again.

Almost every exercise with 78 Eng Regt, for my money the amongst best units the TA ever had Engineer exercises were fantastic.

Ex Clockwork North and Cold Winter with the RM's were good.

Bravo_Bravo said:
Eagle Strike 2006.

Working with 2 PARA BG, in the first wave of five Merlins, landing on the DZ and starting a 4 acre fire.

We suspect the element of surprise was lost.

OC "Sgt S the CO of 2 PARA wants to see you.."
Sgt S: "Why?"

Reminds me of the Miracle of the Burning Bushes, - :omfg: and other tales of GPMG SF :cry: sadly now disbanded and working for an other unit/corps.
We have 5 operational merlins whatever next


Annual camp in Denmark with 1 Wessex 1992.

Bn level ex, loads of rounds, real role, Denmark an amazing country, helicopters, beer, pizza, R&R in Copenhagen.

An Infantry Exercise at its best. Can't even recall being f**cked about anywhere, but my memory may be fading.



Sennybridge 1997, got promoted to Sgt ( in the field ) 3 DWR - Good times.............Ah !

Plus the usuals - Marble Tor, Turtle reef, Coy ex in USA 1990, cant remember its name, memory fade, 2 weeks taking over from RGJ in Gib 1989 nearly joined the the newly formed Gib Regt because I had such a good time, just wished that Irish girl didnt follow me all the way back home, complicated !!!!!!
Northern divide - Canada last year - that will also take some beating


Nostalgia ain't what it used to be...
i'll second that
closely followed by 16 regt RA (?) in 2004
2 weeks of utter shite for all Cloud punchers Reg and TA
apart from a certain unit getting geographically challenged in the live fire drop zone on SPTA
NO , they weren't TA either


Norway 2002 as Opfor for UKSF(R). One hours work a day in the middle of the summer. About 2 hours of darkness which meant plenty of time for sunbathing and football.

Nato's supply of live rounds so plenty of shooting on the range although there was a distinct lack of blank rounds.

Then there was tactical (ground hugging) flights in a Herc. I never used to be air sick!!

Topped off with a fantastic smoker featuring lobster (what a budget they must have!) and a viking ship sacrificed in the traditional manner before heading into the local village for some rape and pillage (well cheesy chat up lines anyway).

The worlds supply of beautiful women seemed to be out that night and in particular in that bar, with the only sore point being the cost of the beer. £6/pint and £10 for a JD and coke!!

An expensive night but with those women... I'm going weak at the knees thinking of it!


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Two weeks acting as opfor for 16 air assault in scotland. Holding 101 AB battalion for four hours.

Enemy for SUOTC. Running out the back of a building as they went in the front, then nipping back round the front in after them....
Marble Tor for all the aforementioned reasons, what about Trumpet Dance or Med Man
Lion Sun

Reason: However arrse the exercise through the troudos is there is always the few days on Nipple Beach Ayia Napa to look forward to...



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