Best ever roast chicken recipe: Chilli chicken

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Mugatu2, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. I got this from a restaurant near me. I made it last weekend, it's probably the tastiest roast chicken recipe I've had, and it's very easy:

    Chilli roasted chicken:
    4 quarters of chicken, skin on.
    1 tbsp olive oil
    2 tbsp sesame oil
    1 tbsp rice vinegar
    1 tbsp dijon mustard
    2 tbsp soy sauce
    1 teaspoon chilli flakes
    3 chopped spring onions
    6-8 whole red chillies. (The big ones that aren't overly hot, you'll be eating these).
    Salt and pepper

    Whisk up all the liquid ingredients plus the chilli flakes in a big bowl, then add the whole chillies and the chopped onions. Slash the chicken flesh every couple of cm with a sharp knife. Place chicken pieces into the bowl and rub the liquid all over and into the cuts. Leave it to marinade for at least 3-4 hours, or make it the day ahead for better flavour.
    Put the pieces in a roasting tin with the chillies, season with salt and pepper, and it goes in the oven at gas 6 for 35-40 minutes.
    Take it out, rest it for 5 mins, then serve the chicken up with some of the juices spooned over the top. Sprinkle with shredded basil. Serve the chillies whole with the chicken, they'll have gone sweet but slightly hot.

    Any more roast chicken recipes?
  2. That sounds lovely Mugs. Apologies as it's not roast, but I'm sure if you would like the following recipe from Nigel Slater:

    Grilled (or Fried) Chicken with Chili, Lemon and Mint
    You can grill the chicken, as I do here or fry it. The choice is yours. On the grill the smell reminds me of the open-air food stalls of Marrakech that reek of mint, lemon and smoke. Fried, the chicken tends to stay a little moister but you lose out on the deep smokiness that makes the grilled food so tempting. Decisions, decisions. Either way, it is an exciting way to cook little bits of bird. Come couscous, well buttered and flecked with coriander and sultanas, makes a lovely, soothing accompaniment to the spicy chicken

    Enough for 2


    One pound (400g) free range chicken off the bone (breast, thigh meat, whatever)
    1 medium-sized hot chili (or 2 bird's eye chilies), seeded and chopped
    1 heaped teaspoon crushed dried chilies
    2 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped
    2 pinches of saffron stamens
    a handful of mint leaves
    4 tablespoons olive oil
    juice of 1 large or 2 small lemons
    hunks of lemon, to serve

    Cut the chicken into thick strips roughly the size of a finger and put them in a china or glass basin.

    Whiz the fresh and dried chilies, the garlic, saffron, most of the mint, olive oil and most of the lemon juice in a blender or food processor till you have a thick, speckled, bright red, orange and green slush. Pour it over the chicken and toss gently. Set aside for half and hour for the chicken to take up some of the flavors of the marinade.

    Heat a ridged grill pan and lightly oil it. When it is hot, add the strips of chicken, and any marinade clinging to them, and fry for three or four minutes on each side, till they are golden brown in patches. The will be firm to the touch and sticky. Watch that the chili does not burn; if it shows any sign of singeing, then turn down the heat. Season with a little salt and the remaining lemon juice and mint. Serve with hunks of lemon.

    It's a shameless cut and paste and I've made it several times and I can confirm it's delicious. In my opinion definitely fried is the way forward. :D

  3. Old thread, but whatever. Found this recipe by Jamie Oliver exactly for roast chicken (here, perfect roast chicken) and well, it does look perfect and really tasty. It says it is easy, but I wouldn't count on that ;) Medium difficulty for me. Enjoy
  4. Bit of a faff, but just tried it on Saturday, based on a Gary Rhodes recipe.......

    Jambonette de Volaille.

    The first skill is learning how to dismantle a chicken, it's fairly easy, just takes a little practice, what's the worst that can happen, chicken kebabs?

    Take a chicken, turn it upside down, cut off the parson's nose and cut through the skin from back to front.

    Insert your fingers under the skin and gently slide it off, including the legs, but just feel for the wing joints and cut them off, lay the skin to one side, hopefully in one piece.

    Cut off the wings, then the thigh and leg.

    Lay the chicken breast up and slowly cut from back to front along the breastbone and following the ribcage until the breast is off, then do the other side.

    Then just look it over, slicing off any odd bits of meat, then break up the carcase and put in a couple of pints of water with a carrot, onion and bay leaves to boil up for a couple of hours for stock.

    The breast has one large muscle, then a smaller one underneath, strip off the smaller muscles, then slice lengthways, almost to both ends of the breasts to form pockets for stuffing.


    Take the smaller chicken breasts,
    4 oz of mushrooms
    Greenery 2oz, it says spinach, but use whatever is to hand, parsley or minced peas etc, it's just for colour.
    Half a leek, or a small onion
    1 to 2 slices of smoked bacon
    1 clove of garlic
    A few basil leaves
    15 gms of butter
    1 small egg

    Dry fry the chopped mushrooms until cooked and dry, finely chop or process, put in a mixing bowl, then finely chop or whizz the small chicken breasts and any scraps, put in bowl.

    Heat the finely chopped bacon onion and garlic in the butter, add the chopped basil, cool then add to the mix.

    Mix in the egg, then take the chicken skin, sew up the holes with thread, then place the first breast, round side down on the skin.

    Fill up the slit with stuffing, place more on the top, then lay the second breast on top, finishing off the stuffing in the second slit.

    Pull the skin up to cover the whole thing, then sew it up, this will be the bottom, so it doesn't need to be too good.

    Put it on a foiled tray, then refrigerate for an hour or two.

    Take out, glaze the top with brown sugar mixed with a little boiling water, add a few strips of fat you took out of the chicken's bottom to lie across the top, and roast in a pre- heated oven at 175c for around an hour.

    The left over legs, thighs and wings can be frozen for different recipes, the stock is really good for a chinese fried rice, or a risotto.

    I served it with some carrots, steamed, then 10 minutes in the juices in the tray to brown, and mash etc.

    Not an everyday dish, really impressive, yet easy.

    Serves 2- 4 depending on appetite, even better, make 2, it isn't much more time, then freeze the other, tastes great cold too.

    Can't post photos as Botophucket are being cnuts as usual.......
  5. [​IMG]


    Finally, Jambonette de Vollaile.... with a little practice you could progress to a turkey or an ostrich.
  6. Just pour a good slug of Noilly Prat over the bird before shoving it in the oven. Adds that certain je ne sais quoi .... and tastes delicious.
  7. Looks like this? I added a bull horn chilli, just out of curiosity like.

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  8. that looks essence, just might have to do that this weekend
  9. Don't forget the seasoning, like I did ...
  10. Hammer your chicken breast into a escalope .. placed between clingfilm ... dont batter it touch much or else you will totally knock fk out of it that much you will have holes whereby your filling will seap out

    Once you've done that

    in a blender put

    4/6 chilles [de seeded ]- please note always use rubber gloves when prep Chilles and never wipes your eyes or touch your bellend if your one of those that don't wash your hands lol ]
    olive oil [ enough to bind ]

    Bases then add what other spices / fresh herbs you desire .. .

    them rub/smear onto the flattend breast .. then roll tightly [creating a roulade effect ] in clingfilm or use skewers to hold in place ,,,
  11. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    I know a really nice rice dish that would go well with that chicken. Serves 2

    1 cup of long grain rice
    2 cups of chick stock (I used Knorr)
    1 red and 1 green pepper diced
    1 medium sized onion diced
    1 garlic clove crushed
    t/sp Cumin
    t/sp Chilli powder
    tbl sp Chilli Oil

    Put oil in a pan and heat until almost smoking
    Add the peppers and onion and cook until onion is clear
    Add the uncooked rice and cook until browning
    Add the stock, Chilli powder, cumin and garlic
    Stir and allow to come to the boil
    Once boiled, put a lid on the rice and simmer for 20 minutes or until the liquid has disapeard