Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by GROWNUPS_BEWARE, Apr 12, 2004.

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  1. Having just watched Munster stuff Toulouse on Saturday, I found that with the aid of Brother Guinness, I could solve almost any problem I put my mind to. With this in mind, I believe I have produced the best ever Infantry Section in History. I defy anyone to best it.
    Rules are simple - ORBAT must be composed of any actor, living or dead. You're allowed a bit of largesse ref the composition (I'm taking 2 Gimpy's, cause I like it that way):

    Sect Comd: Richard Burton
    No 2 (Sniper/Scout): Daniel Day Lewis
    No 3: James Coburn
    GPMG: John Wayne

    Sect 2ic: Clint Eatwood
    No6: Lee Marvin
    No 7:Steve McQueen
    GPMG: Sean Connery

    Watch Cross of Iron, Last of the Mohicans/Gangs of New York, Where Eagles Dare, Longest Day and Hell is for Heroes.

    There are lots and lots of other runners...other thoughts?
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  2. Sect Comd: Robert De Niro (Heat Drills)
    No 2 (Scout):Baden Powell
    No 3: Vinnie Jones
    GPMG: Arnie (from Predator)

    Sect 2ic: Val Kilmer (Heat Drills)
    No6: Harvey Kietel (double hard bastard)
    No 7:Geoff Capes (to carry all the ammo for A/M)
    GPMG: Sly Stallone (First Blood with M60)

    I too have problems with my Guiness Goggles, see you all at the Army Navy ya Fakers (RE tent, coz everyone else is a poof)
  3. Like your style, GB. What about Magua (Wes Studi) from Last of the etc? Hard bugger or what? Make a good point man, I'm thinking....
    Harvey Keitel, I have it on good authority by the way, is a pussy.
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Team 1

    Fd Marshall Bill Slim (IC Team)
    Capt Noel Chavasse VC & Bar MC RAMC (Medic)
    Pte S Baldrick (Bagage Party)
    Vasilli Zaitzev (Ranges)

    Team 2

    Tonto (Scout)
    Flipper (Any river crossings)
    Jamie Oliver (Cook)
    Alexandre the Great (Tactics)
  5. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Sect. Cmdr. Mr Happy - someone needs to bring flair to the proceedings
    Scout. BLiar - for his ability to avoid any crap that might come flying his way.
    No. 3 JAWS from James Bond, for the break-in and wire obstacles.
    Gunner It's been said, it's gotta be The Gvnr of Calafornia

    2 i/c Sgt Elias - he had his sh*t wired tight at all times...
    No. 6 Pink
    No. 7 Tommy Cooper, every section needs a joker.
    Gunner Sly, though we might need him to dv a tk later. Or be QM in charge of a million dollars worth of equipment..

    Civ. L/O Sigourney Weaver.
  6. Sect Cmdr - Audie Murphy (real war hero and actor, so it still counts)
    Rfn - Clint Eastwood (Where Eagles Dare - 2x Mpi 40's)
    Rfn/Radio - Anthony Quayle (Ice Cold in Alex - lots of Gin!)
    GPMG - Arnie (Commando - never-ending 4B1T link!)

    2i/c - James Coburn (Steiner from Cross of Iron)
    Rfn - Nigel Davenport (Play Dirty - with Michael Caine)
    Rfn - Wesley Snipes (Blade)
    Rfn - Spartan Soldier (at the Battle of Thermopylae when The Persian King told the Spartans that the persian arrows would blot out the noon sun, replied: 'Excellent! Then we will fight in the shade!'
    Attributed to King Leonidas in the film 200 Spartans, but was, I believe one of his lieutenants in reality)
  7. Sorry Arkady, but I think you'll find that there were 300 Spartans at Thermopylae under the command of Leonidas. They held the pass for 2 days and inflicted a reputed 20,000 casualties on the Persians, before being killed to a man.
  8. 200, 300 - I don't have the DVD of the movie, though I know the history of the battle well enough, ta v much.
    Still, Balls of Steel though.
  9. Thought of some more:

    Lewis Collins - Sect Comd (Everything he's been in)
    Hugh Jackman - Sniper/scout (X-Men 1/2, Van Helsing)
    Uma Thurman - Samurai Sword chick/FRV blowjobs (Kill Bill)
    Jesse Ventura - Minigun (Predator)

    Chuck Norris - Delta Farce et al
    Colin Firth - to identify the enemy firing position! (Tumbledown)
    Terence Stamp - rifleman - General Zod from Superman 2, hard old bastard in 'the Limey'
    Ving Rhames on the General - nuff said. Especially after 'Dawn of the Dead' (Jaesus thats a scary movie).

    The wierd thing is, every different drink I try gives me a new orbat. This one came about after lucozade sport, following a heavy phys session. Funny old world.
  10. Sect Comd: Martin Johnston :evil:
    Scout: Geoff BuffHoon (always the first man to get slotted)
    Rad Op: ET (improvised comms as BOWMAN willl never work properly) :eek:
    Gunner: The chick from Aliens with that huge chain cannon 8)

    Sect 2IC: Mel Gibbson (When we were soldiers) :cry:
    Sniper: Jonny Wilkinson :)
    Medic: The fit one from Casulty (can give me mouth to mouth anytime) :wink:
    Gunner 2: Arnie (of course) :roll:
  11. Charlie:

    Sect Comd: Lee Coburn (Cross of Iron)
    Scout: That Indian bloke with the machete off Predator
    Signaller: Richard Burton (Broadsword calling Danny Boy)
    Gunner: Animal Mutha off Full Metal Jacket


    Sect 2IC: CSgt off Zulu (good for discipline)
    Break In Man: Clint Eastwood (Where Eagles Dare)
    Medic: Doc off Hamburger Hill
    Gunner: The Door Gunner off Full Metal Jacket (Get some!)

    Most of the above could easily be double hatted although admittedly the two Gunners would require close and constant supervision.
  12. Actually i think two Spartans were sent back to Sparta to deliver a message, this of course bringing shame on the men until Leonidas told them why it had to be done etc etc etc
  13. Eve then the Spartans where betrayed - there was a secret pass alllowing access past them: one of their own told the Persians about this and they where taken from behind. As it where.

    Well 'ard in any case.