Best ever Jif job?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Track_Link, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. Normally synonymous with pan-bash and burning turds, Jif jobs were an occasional gem.

    My best was sitting around smoking after the war on granby, trying to avoid work, when I got dicked with 4 others for a 'Mag to Grid excercise'

    What we had dispose of were the squadrons grenades. Must have thrown 70 plus that day including white phos. Got so confident we were releasing the lever before we chucked em, and giggling like the morons we were. Happy days!
  2. Staff College Demo. Mitch99 was on that as well. We thought we were going to get jiffed senseless and were not looking forward to the prospect. Turns out it was the biggest piss up of my life. I remember four of us sitting in the back of a rover, passing around a bottle of vodka and a bottle of coke until both were empty. The best bit was driving off to a local Gasthaus and leaving with their extremely heavy concrete urn which we left outside the seniors tent. Sgt S H******n (of glasses fame) tripped over it in the wee hours on his way for a wee and broke his toe. Priceless fun.
  3. royal tournament

    spend the whole time showing off only stopping to shag either

    A service rats
    b Sloane rangers going cheap
    c birds who had cruised the tourno looking to get a rifting

    all of the above contributed to me having a fcuking great time

    cheers girls
  4. Staff college demo was one of the best 2 weeks of my life for getting wankered, up at 6 and work till 2pm then on the pop hardcore with all the old style SNCO's we had back then. Even the pot washers were 2 drunken jocks one of whom was on it from the minute he woke up. Blackrat don't forget that Landrover we took down town was 'nicked', and remember pushing over the portaloo with a certain fat bird who's nickname was 'Bob' in it?
  5. Matttress run to Dulmen from Wildenrath. Four hours sleeping on used mattresses in the back of a Robert Redford, quick ten minutes graft and then four hours sleeping on new mattresses on the way back. Arrived back to meet the lads off a six miler round the airfield a la Hickling...sweet.
  6. Not a great one but it saved some money.

    Travelling from BFG to UK for a course via Gutersloh International Airport, got dicked as NCO I/C 3 x SUS and escort heading for the Colchester Hilton. Found out that the 3 escorts were non-smokers and quickly headed to the NAAFI for an extra 6 cartons of Embo No1 and 3 bottles of Glenfidich :D
  7. We did the Royal Tournament in 89 as the arena party. Hard graft but what a crack. Will always remember the Arena party on the penultimate night, where i came upon a p*ssed up matelot covered in chuck who had also opened his back passage draped over one of the Navy gun teams cannons at the bottom of an escalator. Oh for a camera phone!
  8. Not a man for doing guard if I can help it. Normally a "clunk, clink" sound from my door was heard if I ever seen anybody coming to the block in uniform on weekends. However the best guards I ever done, where Church House in Lubbecke and BMH Rinteln. Banged out a good 16 hours on a 24 hr duty. It was hard going but I have discipline.
  9. Got 'volentold' I was going to be a marshall at The 'All star Cup' in Wales last year.

    Great urine up, met loads of celebs, and maaged to drop my tax-free car off before I was posted. :D :D
  10. My bold.

    Bloody hell I´d forgotten all about that one ! Anyone remember NAAFI guard at Krefeld ? Nice cushy number. I think I stagged on for 2 hours out of the 24. Now that´s what I call guard duty :D

    Best jif job must have been doing "liaison" for a yank Satcom Det. A week of pottering around in my 110 doing fück all but get them into the barracks where they were setting up, drinking wads of brews and of course been fully NON-Tac 8)
  11. Wasn't the Church House in Lubbecke rumoured to have been haunted by a horse or something??
  12. One of the best was to do comms cover for the Berlin flyback.

    Infantry/armour regiments would come over from Berlin for a 6 week exercise and we would deploy a det that consited of 1 x RR 1 x Comcen, just in case Ivan came over the border.

    6 to 12 weeks sitting on a training area, totaly non tac, fun runs to the local town at night and the square root of sod all work to do.

    Best part was sitting on the back steps in the morning with a brew in hand watching the infantry lads going for an early morning run. :)
  13. During a southern flank AMF(L) exercise I got jiffed (6 months out of Harrogate) from our 3 man det to 'take that there A41 (it was the early 70's) and you're the German Bn Commanders operator'.

    Picked up said A41 plus a small crateful of spare batteries and sought out the Hun Hofficer of the battalion, who were German Paras. The guy took one look at the A41, showed his mate and both p1ssed themselves laughing, then replaced it with a Gucci German job musch smaller and lighter, that ran off several U2 batteries.

    Spent the next few weeks scudding round in his helicopter with him, p1ssing it up with the lads from the battalion in the evening, and then either dosssing under parachute canopies suspended from trees, or for a few days under a mozzie net on the beach of the Aegean sea. Hard life.
  14. 12 years in the RCT, cakewalk!!
  15. Can't beat that one