Best Ever Comedians...

Les Dawson, one of the funniest men to ever grace our screens.

Billy Connolly, his old stuff from before he was a smug barsteward, bit of a tosser now though.

Spike Milligan, extremely funny man, God Bless his cotton socks.

Jack Dee, got to love his depressing look on life, funny as fcuk.

Edited to add:

Jim Davidson, he was very good in his day, not seen much of him in the last 10 years.
Went to see Ken Dod in Scarborough a few weeks ago - funny as fek... snook out at midnight with 11 year old daughter almost asleep on her feet... he was still going strong.....

Peter Kay
Jim Davidson
Both the Ronnies
Les Dawson
Billy Connelly
Tommy Cooper
Bernard Manning
George Bush
The Monty Python Team
The Goons
Reeves & Mortimer
The Fast Show Team
Ronnie Barker
Gordon Brown
Spike Milligan
Tommy cooper
Eric Morcombe
Billy Connolly
Benny Hill
Kenny Everett
Bernard Manning
Frankie Boyle

The rest are just copying them, and as such dont qualify.
Bob Monkhouse
And of course comedy VCs to everyone who ever appeared on Father Ted. The best, I can't watch many comedies more than twice, but Ted? Endless!!!!!

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