best episode of black adder

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by bobferal, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. i thought the best episode was when lord flashard saved blackadder what do you think ?
  2. IMHO, Blackadder 2, when the beheading went tits up. Blackadder had to impersonate the poor unfortunate to the widow, sorry wife. He was just about to receive a BJ walks Baldrick! Class.
  3. Mine is Black Adder 2 - 'Baby eating Bishop of Bath and Wells'

    or possibly Black adder 3 - the Scarlet Pimpernel episode
  4. Has to be BA4, last episode.....

    Or Black Adders Christmas Carol....

    Blackadder - back n forth should never of been made
  5. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Nope, Have to disagree. For me the best one was in Blackadder goes forth when they were sent into no mans land to sketch the enemy.
  6. The one where Baldrick found a turnip which looked just like a willy and then went on to say what a coincidence as he had a willy which looked just like a turnip.
  7. Series 1, I think the last episode where he collects the most rutheless men in the land, only to be deposed as the leader, tortured but become King!

    Series 1 again, the battle of Edge Hill (I think), Peter Cook and Brian Blessed.
  8. Has to be Blackadder 3 with the dictionary episode:-

    Right, let's get the book. Now; Baldrick, where's the manuscript?

    You mean the big papery thing tied up with string?

    Yes, Baldrick -- the manuscript belonging to Dr. Johnson.

    You mean the baity fellow in the black coat who just left?

    Yes, Baldrick -- Dr. Johnson.

    So you're asking where the big papery thing tied up with string belonging to the baity fellow in the black coat who just left is.

    Yes, Baldrick, I am, and if you don't answer, then the booted bony thing with five toes at the end of my leg will soon connect sharply with the soft dangly collection of objects in your trousers. For the last time, Baldrick, where is Dr. Johnson's manuscript?
    On the fire.

    On the *what*?

    The hot orangy thing under the stony mantlepiece.

    :rofl: :clap: Classic!

    Edited for typing too slow
  9. last episode was sad turnip was funny the 1 sketching no mans land v funny
  10. Black Adder 2 -Money 'Baby eating Bishop of Bath and Wells'

    "I am a collosal pervert, not form of sexual degradation is too low for me. Animal, vegetable or mineral, I'll do anything to anything."

    Black adder 3 - the Scarlet Pimpernel episode (the french ambassador)

    " On the contrary, I hate you English with your shiny toilet paper and boring trousers, and your ridiculous preconception that we French are fantastic lovers. I'm French and i'm hung like a baby carrot and a couple of petits pois."

    Sheer genius
  11. I thought Blackadder goes Fourth, Flasheart. Ade Edminson was also good in that...
  12. Last one in BA Goes Fourth where the chaps and Baldrick go over the top - sums up the waste of human life that was the Great War.....
  13. Agreed, genius.

    "Any woman who wants to chain herself to my railings and suffer-a-jet movement gets MY vote!"

    Bring back blackadder, it rocked.
  14. Blackadder goes fourth. Not sure whether to say Flashheart or the Hospital one.

    Flashheart because of the line "Get inside them 5 times a day and take them to heaven and back"

    Hospital because of General Melchit shooting Capt Darling to give him a 'convincing flesh wound' so he can spy on our spy whilst searching for their spy!
  15. Goodbyee, the final episode of Blackadder Goes Forth, it has the best mix of comedy and pathos of any comedy ever.

    Failing that either of the two episodes featuring Bob - Bells and Major Star.