Best Engine sounds!

Mr_Deputy said:
jagman said:
Mr_Deputy said:
Landy V8 at a checkpoint very very early hours of a cold morning.
As long as its had the restrictor plates whipped out between carb and manifold :)
Will that make it burble on idle like my soul when its happy?
And roar "Valhalla!" when accelerating?
Better than when fresh out of the factory yes. :D
V8 110's on carbs were suplied restricted. Half an hours tinkering removes the restrictors
Its got to be hearing the engines of the R&R or end of tour flight revving up on the run way as your about to head off home to Brize (obviously with you sat aboard)
Any big-twin harley fitted with V&H pipes, jetted slightly lean, pushed hard up to full revs and then on the over-run, using the engine for braking. That is just plain anti-social (in a good way).
It's got to be a Rolls Royce Merlin in a Spitfire at low level full gallop.

Coming a close second - the roar of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia engine at full throttle the first time you drive one.
No, I don't own one, but five laps in one at Thruxton was my 60th birthday pressie from Mrs ab, and it is truly an experience to remember.

This is the car I drove:

Not me driving it though - this guy is pretty good. Turn the volume up, the car is very loud inside.
I like the distant sound of a landy going across SENTA in a dark, wet night, when you hear the tyre noise- you know that sort of gentle howl.
The sound a hirecar that I'm ragging makes. :D

abeaumont said:
It's got to be a Rolls Royce Merlin in a Spitfire at low level full gallop.
I watch that Hovis ad over and over again just at that point. Beautiful engine noise from a beautiful engine.

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