Best electric guitar?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by REMEbrat, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. I am planning on learning to play the electric guitar beginning next year and am hoping you arrsers can give me some advice as to which guitar to get.
    I have a budget of about £60 and would like to know which guitar will be best to learn on. I know there are many different makes you can buy but didn't realise until I first started looking that they have such different playing characteristics.
    I probably won't be buying a new guitar as I don't think I could buy much more than a Tesco Basic guitar for that money but I'm hoping to be proved wrong!
  2. you won't get much for 60 quid. your best bet is getting a really shitty classical guitar an learn on that. thats what i did. its better to learn your barre chords on them as well cos by the time you've got a decent electric itll seem like a piece of piss co the neck will be so small
  3. For 60 quid you're wasting your cash, you may as well start saving a bit more and get something a bit more decent.

    that's a decent little guitar for the money. Shame you don't live my way, l teach guitar and my rates are reasonable.

    Don't forget to buy a chromatic tuner, it'll save you on broken strings.... and good luck, it's a long journey learning the guitar but worthwhile.
  4. Do not buy a cheap guitar as it will sound terrible and may spoil your enjoyment of learning to play. You can get a decent starter kit from many music shops that includes aguitar, amplifier and leads for around £150 - £250. My advice if you can not aford a lot is to buy the best amplifier you can afford as the cheaper ones sound shit. Do not buy a 10 Watt practice amp because you will only be playingin your bedroom...when you turn them up the sound distorts horribly. I only play at home but I have a ******* great 50 Watt Marshall....I don't play it too loud but I got it for the sound quality. Second hand is the way forward mate if you don't have a lot of money though. Check out the free ads in your area as people often sell things in there for silly money.
  5. Sorry, I disagree with you. If you want to learn to play classical guitar, then get an acoustic guitar. If you want to learn electric guitar then get an electric guitar. I was taught on a nylon strung acoustic as a youngster and it bored me stupid and very nearly put me off learning at all. I wanted to learn rock guitar and was bored stupid of playing yellow submarine and simon and garfunkel shit. I fucked it off, bought a second hand strat and got another teacher...I now play rock music and am still learning and taking lessons.
  6. Best bet is to save the cash up, I wouldn't spend anything less than about £200 on a guitar. If you get to £150, you could probably get something good second hand if you're willing to do so. - This is quite a nice beginners guitar. That was one of my first guitars and I was very pleased with it.

    Again, it all depends on what sound you are going for - are you wanting a classic rock, heavy metal, funk etc. - what are you aiming at?
  7. I bought a cheap yamaha strat copy in baghdad to keep my hand in and bought a smokey amp from the interweb. Total cost was about £80. Now I am back home, I never play it at all as it sounds cack through my decent amp/effects rig. :D
  8. It's not so bad when you can already play the guitar a bit, but when you're a completely new guitar player it makes learning disheartening and crap when you play something properly for the first time and it sounds rubbish. Once you can play it, at least if you're using a pants guitar you know that it only sounds pants because of the guitar and you're still working your fingers correctly.
  9. the "art" of playing an axe is to get your tuneing up ok... do that right ,,it starts to sound right..
    i play with a Gibson meself along with a few others that i have picked up over the years,
    the best fun i have had is with a Tenor Banjo,,, all you do is tri,ads ..
    get saveing,, its worth the wait,, as then you will find the cost worth the effort. and sound...
  10. Rubbish. Sell the wife, divorce the car and live off frozen pizza. Buy yourself a PRS. Not just any old model of course, ask Mr PRS himself to craft you one of his "Eagles" or "Dragons"... you should get change from £20,000... :)
  11. Mmmm, PRS. *drool*

    My favourite guitar to date is a simple Stratocaster, though I also quite like Ibanez to get the tighter metaly sound. I've got 14 in total though, because I'm a sad fcuk.
  12. imho a squire strat will do you a treat to start i bought my son one a few years ago and it is comparable to my fender strat
  13. I have 3 PRS guitars and would love a Dragon :D

    Also have a BC Rich Kerry King signature model V...awesome sound :D

    oh yes, and that dodgy yamaha strat :lol:
  14. Yep, agreed mate...hence my first post ;)
  15. Aye!

    And also regarding the comment on Squire Strat - that is an OK first guitar, agreed. Wouldn't go as far as to say it's comparable to a Fender, but it is a good starter.