best dslr currently?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by maguire, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    If I could trouble you all for a moment of your time... got a budget of around £500-600 for a twin lens kit and a couple of hundred more for a decent case, memory card and the like. what I'm currently having problems deciding on is the camera to buy - contenders I'ven been considering are the Alpha 350, various Eos's, the Nikon D60/D80 and the Lumix G1. I've had a trawl round the various forums, but no one seems to be able to say for definite what the 'best' one is. (I realise how subjective a question that is, but at the same time I dont doubt for a second your inputs will be valuable). so... thoughts please?
    thank you in advance.
  2. Nikon d80. Abolutely brilliant. Lots of other are about a good regarding the picture, but ergonomically Nikon i teets ahead of everything ele. Go to a hop that let you hold the cameras and you'll see.
  3. D80 is quality and heavily discounted to make way for the new D90's

    D90 is quality but comes at a price ...without much to show for it IMHO (HD video facility and some better metering)

    D40 and D40X are also top notch and a few hundred cheaper than those above... it gives you the cash to buy a couple of lenses and/or all the paraphernalia that comes with DSLR photography


    My choice - I got a D80 a few weeks ago ( a trade up from a compact and very old Canon SLR). There are some great deals for this camera and its just about 'serious amateur entry level'

    Came with a lovely 18mm-135mm Nikon lens and freed up some cash for a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle

    (The Sigma lens is STUNNING and I hugely recommend it for everything out-doors)

    As for the rest, no experience of the LUMIX but heard of amazing deals for old Canons like the D200

    Get in the shop and test drive them is my main bit of advice.... then buy Nikon cos' everything else is gheygheyghey :p
  4. D80 now dead in the water although you will find it for £549 with the 18-135 if you know where to look. (Nikon no longer have stock!)
    Dont buy the jessops deal with 18-55 VR lens, it a piss poor lens which doesnt stand up to the quality of the body.
    Replaced by D90 which is obvisouly new and expensive being a new model.
    Panasonic Lumix G1 is considered to be very expensive by those of us in the trade and not too many bolt on goodies avaliable for it yet.
    They actually started to give £50 cash back on it at the launch, me thinks they knew it was too expensive from day one!

    The Canon 450 is good and carries the cache of the brand......

    .....The money is on the Sony Alpha 350D, if you sit sit down and read the spec it pi55es over the oposition...........

    ...............However; have you had a good look at a non D SLR like the Canon G10? :idea:
    Focal length of 28-140 in "old money" has the new digic 4 processor and close up capabilities of working to just 1 centemetre from the subject.

    And a word of warning to all Arrser's; whilst I know pre Christmas sales are giving everybody the view that it all has to go at any price you will see some very heavy price increases from around the first week in Janurary, I saw a letter from JVC the other day which said their prices will increase by in excess of 30%, I have seen a number of 15% come in over the last two weeks and Sony will go up on the 5th Janurary, this wont happen over night as I reckon there is still quite a bit of stock on most shelves and most photo dealers will be a touch wary of ordering after what must be probably one of the worst Christmas trading peroids I can remember.
  5. D40X has not been avaliable for some time; expect the D40 to disappear around March.
    I think you meant to say Nikon D200, you can get these secondhand for around £500 ish for a body only, far more camera then a Canon 450D will ever be, although a lens will knock the cost up.

    Totally agree about the Sigma 10-20, I have a number of clients using it rather then the appopriate Canon or Nikon lens.
  6. To be honest, there isn't really a definitive answer - I work with Canon, others work with Nikon. There are pros and cons for both makes, with both at the price range though, you should be able to get a good body and lens combination.

    Whatever you do though, steer clear of most of the online photography forums when looking for an opinion - people only seem to go there to bitch, whinge and act like idiots. Most don't even have the kit you'd be asking about but, yet still have an opinion as to how good it is!

    A good impartial review of whatever you're contemplating can probably be found at DP Review.

    Edited due to current alcohol intake
  7. hahaha... good advice, the Nikon vs Canon Wars a fcking joke and get in the way of decent conversation

    Certainly agree with (and defer to) HT and Older.

    My choice for D80 was largely based on cash and the realization that the D90 - whilst new tech - wasn't going to make me any better (being a noob amateur)

    Weirdly enough, it was my time spent at the joint-services photography school that got me into hobby - Telic needed some bods to rummage about town taking snap-shots of the jundies...

    ....and got me working with D100's and some obscenely expensive lenses. Sadly the Booties lost the fcking things somewhere in Iran!
  8. Belfast was my "Studio"; I got issued with a Pentax Spotmatic 500 (you won't be old enough to remember them!) and a 150mm tele lens which was never quite long enough.
    The odd thing about the Pentax was that some tosser had engraved a broad arrow and the initials "M.O.D." on the top plate.......operation "Certain Death" springs to mind! :D
  9. Didn't seem like that a few years back I must admit .. the gear was flowing by 2003-5

    Our instructor told us that virtuay every Nikon D100 in Europe had been bought-up and shipped either to Cosford or Telic... there was so much kit knocking about it was like a fcking toyshop!

    Mahooosive 1200+ lenses that required two people to carry them.... (i'd rather have lost my weapon than dropped one of the fcking things!)

    Without blowing any Opsec details, we ended up with extras for photographing the nurses at Sh-Ibeza ...the monkeys said that preping the gear was one thing - but getting ultra long-range titty shots was something else!

    The amount of lesbo action in the RAMC was fcking atrocious* :D :lol:

    *2004 - the roof of the Palace med-center girls? Nice one :twisted:
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    thank you all - just dropped the best part of a grand on a D90 and all the goodies. god bless vat free shopping!
  11. Ah, the Spotmatic. Nostalgia...


    ...and the basis of my 35mm collection, a little gem:


    ...but the best of them all was the Nikon F2:


    Keep yer digital rubbish!
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    purely in the interests of, ah, furthering our photography skills, you wouldnt happen to have any photos of said lesbian action knocking around still would you?
  13. Perhaps this is where I air some dirty dhobi of my own...

    Picture the scene; The Grand Central Hotel Belfast in the summer of 73, a handsome young gunner seconded as a regimental photographer is hanging out in the wog shop as a young nubile WRAC (she was a bit of a munter if I'm being honest!) comes up to me and says, "can you print this negative for me?)
    I oblige thinking I may just get my leg over if I play this right. 8)

    I took the negs back to the darkroom and found the one of her guarding the segment gates at the end of the strip, apparently she wanted to send it to Mum and Dad, after having printed it I looked at the others...


    Just what I had hoped to find, four girls ripping the blouse and bra off another girl who is being held down on the bed..

    My God! What is a young Henry to do?

    I thought quickly and on my feet, I printed the rest off and sent them down to the Mission Hall in the Lower Markets for the lads to be pinned on the notice board, they are up on the board for about a week until the CO decides to visit Tombs Troop at the sharp end.

    I had forgotten what a slimly turd one of his minders was (typical HQ Bty :roll: ) who promptly went back and told the girls concerned, I get called upstairs and bollocked by my TC who says he is doing his best to keep this from the RSM. (I had heard later that the RSM had seen the pictures in the Mission Hall and laughed)

    I never did make lance jack.............. :(
  14. Astonishing what the phots in NI used to get up to. The girls of *** Pro Coy, for one instance - although that was a video - and one or two astonishingly unlikely lasses of *** Int Sect, too. I just wish I'd kept the series depicting the shaving drills (female) which were taken in The Swamp, Middletown (for the official manual, you understand). Very instructive, very military.
  15. Nice move - you wont regret it IMHO.

    Take some time to play with the Manual settings ....but if in doubt, try working the Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority settings first.

    Sadly not - all the CF cards were property of the Slime and were formatted at the end of every job to prevent manipulation of evidence.

    Its all vaguely opsec I'm afraid

    However, I have managed to recreate what we saw with Photoshop. (You'd be hard pushed to tell if it was real or not ...but you can tell that it was hot, sweaty and exotic