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Discussion in 'RLC' started by fatblerk, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. Having spent a very enjoyable Sat night/Sun morning at a dining out in full drinking suit (and only just recovered enough to type), I have only question :?:

    Which Wuckfit designed RLC Mess Dress? :evil:

    I appreciate that I have applied Boyle's Law and expanded to fill every available spare cubic centimetre :oops: , but why the Cav style " breast plate" and painfull collar?

    I'm not going into a "better in the old days..." line, I wasn't there. Does anyone know why and should I just get a bigger set :idea: ?
  2. My mess dress trousers should just about fit you, rotund one. They're like coco the clown's trousers on me.

    My guess is that someone in the RCT (undoubtedly an officer who wished he'd tried harder at Sandhurst) had a thought process like this:

    My mess dress looks shiite. -> Hmm, new corps = new mess dress. -> RCT are going to be one of the biggest bits of new corps. -> RCT used to be the waggon train, or some such nonsense. -> wagon train used horses. -> horses were used by cavalry -> RCT must be cavalry ergo new RLC mess dress should be like cavalry mess dress.
  3. Pompadour old chap,

    check out but be prepared and have your pop-up blocker on! Just the jacket and vest(?) but that's the point 8O
  4. krikey charley... :D rater you than us matey :lol:
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Well lads.

    If you look in dress regs 1900 stylee the AOC/AOD mess kit is almost EXACTLY the same as the RLC mess kit. The only difference is the cuffs and collar are red velvet instead of dark blue. So yah boo sucks to you fritzy. The RAOC mess was a totally different design and colour.
  6. One would hope we'd moved on in 93 years This is the RLC - Hoorah. 8O

    Wearing it again on 23 Apr. lose weight or buy a new bib/waistcoat.plate bit? Could be a new poll. Should Fatblerk lose weight :?:
  7. I agree, Mess Kit isn't designed for comfort (nor stylish good looks, nor attactability to the opposite sex, nor money storage, nor in fact for wearing a pager set on silent when on RDOA duty if you're trying to get leathered! :? :? ) I'm at another Regi Dinner Night at the end of the month and am not particularly looking forward to the experience. :roll: 8O

    FB: Knowing you as I do, I wouldn't worry about it too much, it's all about charactor anyway - at least that's what I tell myself anyway! :wink:
  8. Don't worry, the AGC all ask the same question.

    One of these days I'll discover that someone on the Dress Committee has shares in a military outfitters!
  9. At least it's not Int Corps snot green!
  10. There is an easy (ish) way around the problem, buy a secondhand kit off somebody who has an even larger collar size and then get it tailored if necessary - worked a treat for me, I have breathing room around the neck and beer expansion room around the gut (I can even fit in my old RAOC trousers - sometimes!) :wink:
  11. I take it you've never met Fat Blerk. He isn't called that for nothing y'know :lol:
  12. There is one good thing about our mess dress. The uncomfortably stiff, high collar does help you to keep your head in a semi-upright position if you happen to catch a power nap during some old buffer's speech. Well at least enough to pass quick scrutiny.
  13. Rowley old chap, there are more than a few of us "Front Row" types, with physiques to match, in the RLC. Remember Fatblerk maybe an AT, but drivers, storemen etc also have the same mess dress and some of those guys are big enough to make even me feel skinny :lol:
  14. Fair point. I've often wondered if some of them shouldn't be on the back of the truck, with a pallet driving. Oh, hang on, that was a whiskey induced hallucination.

    The phrase I was desperately struggling to find in my first post - and failing - was "syllogistic conclusion". Ie:

    RLC was wagon train -> wagon train had horses -> soldiers on horses are cavalry ergo RLC = cavalry.

    As it happens, I think our mess dress is rather smarter than the old RAOC one, if perhaps less comfortable. I think more things should be bright red.
  15. I never questioned how it looked. It even makes a half decent job of making me look slightly less round than a peculiarly trained King Eddy spud. :p

    It is uncomfortable to the point of not being able to consume - not a good point for a regimental drinking suit :cry: