Best drill quotes...............................ever

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 5.56mm, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. heels,heels,heels.......dig them in
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  2. guardroom now cnut chops.
  3. I have seen a bunch of wombles pick up litter more smartly than you lot march......
  4. SMG drill JLRRAC

    Guards drill Sgt

    "I get more noise shaking my f**king c**k in the urinal than you do striking the bl**dy weapon"
  5. "Drill is a pill and should be taken twice daily"
  6. not really a quote but "I need to tie your arms to stop you looing likea helicopter on the about turn"

    "but sir i wont be able to march"

    "you cant march anyway"
  7. "Drill is not a punishment, and sessions should never last longer than 1 hour continously."
    "That's a load of balls."
    "Fine then, 2 hours extra drill! Thank MC...."
  8. Oooh, my C/sgts favorite quote, saying this I'm sure I'm going to make friends on here....
    "You're not in the CCF now! Now you're a marine cadet, and our cocks go too far down our legs to let us bend them!"
  9. boys what is the greatest sound in the world

    the sound of enemy women mourning their dead

    my basic training ssm
  10. rsm to cpl (rifle in shoulder arms) Get that ******* rifle straight
    cpl - I can't sir I've got child bearing hips
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  11. *Tramlines in trousers*
    "what time does the tram arrive"
  12. No lines in trousers

    "What did you iron that with?"
    "An iron sergeant."
    "Did you do it like I showed you?"
    "Yes sergeant."
    "Turn it on next time."
    [muttered]"Fack off sergeant."[/muttered]
  13. Cpl F***********. You are to drill what myra hindley is to babysitting
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