Best drill quotes...............................ever


Guards drill Sgt

"I get more noise shaking my f**king c**k in the urinal than you do striking the bl**dy weapon"
not really a quote but "I need to tie your arms to stop you looing likea helicopter on the about turn"

"but sir i wont be able to march"

"you cant march anyway"
"Drill is not a punishment, and sessions should never last longer than 1 hour continously."
"That's a load of balls."
"Fine then, 2 hours extra drill! Thank MC...."
Oooh, my C/sgts favorite quote, saying this I'm sure I'm going to make friends on here....
"You're not in the CCF now! Now you're a marine cadet, and our cocks go too far down our legs to let us bend them!"
5.56mm said:
*Tramlines in trousers*
"what time does the tram arrive"
No lines in trousers

"What did you iron that with?"
"An iron sergeant."
"Did you do it like I showed you?"
"Yes sergeant."
"Turn it on next time."
[muttered]"Fack off sergeant."[/muttered]
Cpl F***********. You are to drill what myra hindley is to babysitting
My favorite if someone has pissed around in a squad in colours etc
"Squad, stand at ease. Front rank 3 (or whatever), front rank 3 shun. Front rank 3, right dress."
When you get bored of watching him suffer, give eyes front.
no1cares said:
booty cadet and 5.56 FECK OFF YOU BORING CNUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you wish to argue, at least try to do it properly. Why don't you try implying slight sarcasm, I normally miss that so you could of spent hours laughing at me thinking you were being serious. By the way, if you are so much of a cnut to post on threads you think are boring, how boring of a person must you be?

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