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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by REMEbrat, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. I looking to buy a second hand mid sized family car, it must be a diesel and priced around £3-4000. What reliable cars with good fuel economy should I be looking out for?
  2. If image isn't a issue I'd suggest a Rover 75 CDTi

    BMW engine, full leather and toys, cheap as chips and Car Mechanics Magazine LOVES them.

    I've got one and would defiantly recommend.
  3. Skoda Fabia Boheme 1.4 TDi - not trendy or cool but excellent. I use mine for work and pile on the mileage and (so far!) it's been excellent.
  4. Do you plan to do a lot of miles?
  5. 12-14,000 per year mostly urban
  6. Dont bother with a diesel then. You need to be doing a lot more miles than that to make oil buring pay.
  7. Really how so, my 1.9 TDI golf does around 50 urban and 55-62 on a run, its even managed 65+, my neighbours 2.0 petrol manages 35-40 on a good day and I have better performance too, even with diesel 10p per litre more I'm quids in. I would point out that even for a 3 mile run cold, I get 40 mpg, she got 23!
  8. Well she needs to get her car serviced for a start :D

    Which will be cheaper and less frequent than a diesel, cheaper fuel as well.

    For 12-14K a year it doesnt make sense, over 20K yes diesel.
  9. Haha, well both cars have 10k service intervals, though I do my own.
  10. My firm has a fleet of 1100 mixed vehicles, ranging from super-economy to v high performance. Workshop publishes all the fuel and mileage stats per individual vehicle or by type, so this ain't manufacturers adverts.

    Ford 1.4 TDCI (turbo-diesel c-something i-something) engines are getting about 55 -57 mpg mixed environments, more on long runs. They're not really driven with any sympathy, they're all pool vehicles. Fleet Manager recommends them as private vehicles for people who don't get company motors - I'm reckoning on 16 - 18,000 miles this year and will probably pick one up shortly.

    VW Bora TD is probably the most popular among economical management types, think it's a 1.8.

    Diesel is only (roughly) 45p a gallon more than petrol at the moment, but you'll generally pay a premium on buyng the diesel-engined vehicle as well. MK
  11. The Ford Turbo Diesel Common-rail Injection engines perform well and are reliable. Then again, so do the Citroen and the VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda) engines. I think Seats are certainly worth looking at, and depending on what you mean by 'mid-sized', the Ibiza, Leon, or Altea could be what you want.
  12. Peugeot 406 - my mate has been in the trade for many years and swears by them. But don't get the petrol version.
  13. Vxl Astra 2.5k will get you a 2003 model (pre mk5 so not ruined) very reliable Ive got the 1.7cdti its done 120000 miles and only needs servicing every 20k i get 50mpg when driving everywhere at 90 so fcuk nos what you get when driving sensibly.
  14. Toyota Corrolla hatchback D3D diesel, brilliant car common as muck though.
  15. I'm now looking toward getting a Skoda Octavia TDi, I've seen a couple 2002/03 but with 120,000+ mileage. Will this be a problem even with it's very high VW levels of reliability?