Best Desert Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by airbornereme, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. Lets hear your opinions on the best desert boots, ill start us off, im currentley rocking a pair of oakley deserts, fairly light, comfortable and 2 months into tour still lookin as ally as day 1
  2. Mines a Guinness.........

  3. Not sure the brand name but I have some very good US ones, not the old desert coloured junglies but the new US issue style ones, similar to a Danner. Very confortable.
  4. Meindl, bit like KSBs but dessy beige. Time will tell how hot they get when the weather warms up but the mud and clay and sandstorms and rain haven't harmed them yet. The Oakleys fell apart after 7 months in the sandpit. Before that the brit issue dessy boot was fine, ironically, I winger like fcuk about them when I was in!
  5. For the 'Ally' factor, it has to be Altberg or Lowa Elite
  6. Altama desert version of junglies; coolest on the feet when the temp goes up.... and they go well with the thousand-yard stare...
  7. I can feel my feet sweating away right now inside my Meindls; they're not bad, took no time to break in and are certainly better then my old HiTec Crapnums, which fell to pieces after a couple of months of rancid sweatiness.
  8. i went through 2 pairs of meindls in 6 months

    i wernt keen on them myself... feet sweated a lot and some of the stitching came loose

    also gave me blisters breaking them in
  9. Mine have been okay but I have seen a fair few examples of broken stitching and pulling of eyelets. You're right, they are quite hot; much more heavy duty than, eg, Hi-Tec, which were a bit too lightweight if anything.
  10. few of the lads were trialling them new lowa ones when i was out there.. and said they were pukka
  11. oakley deserts are shit hot they will last 6 months, a bit hard to get on when new but soon break in
  12. To be fair to the oakleys, I have seen many different brands fall apart after 6 months in Iraq. Its the heat and teh constant abrasion.

    People I know with the Oakleys and a similar model from Converse, swear by them for comfort. Lots of the yank Infantry wear them.
  13. If the Converse ones you are on about are the side zip jobs with the composite toe, then yep, they are good. Bought a pair in the PZ last October, still going strong, even though I'm back home. I found they needed looking after when soaked through, as the suede round the oe got a tad ropey. Very comfy though.
  14. Old US desert boot keeps your feet cool but like most people who wear jungle boots, the panama sole goes pretty rapido. Wellco ones are cheaper than altama and if your friendly with the Canadians they can get them exchanged for you. Also the Bates desert boots are not bad and can be bought out of the PX.
  15. I used Magnum dessies I was issued and had no problems with after six and half months in the Iraqi summer.
    Frankly in 55*c heat if your feet don't sweat you need to get out of the A/C office and do some phys.