Best Defence - Oh, those Frenchies!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. So, I was just perusing the local fishwrap and out pops a story about the French government fining a bunch of wineries, agents and exporters for flogging inferior plonk as ' fine wine' to the US market.. -apparently happened a few years back and just made it to the courts via the usual time lag for such things..

    Well, scandale, of course, as French wines are sacrosanct and you got to protect the brand, etc. etc... The recipients of the plonk in America some agency and the Ernest and Julio Gallo winery of cheap California plonk fame are , checking their inventories, etc. etc.. and denying that they were victimized, etc...

    bottom line is that US drinkers got poor squeezins disguised as fine grape juice and couldn't tell the difference [ or cared ].

    and this was the defence put forward by the group in France that made a pile of cash from overpricing the drinks..

    What was the harm? No one in America's not as if they could tell the difference..

    Naturally, if the Frenchies had been on the receiving end of cheap diesel fuel labelled Fine Kentucky Bourbon, they would have spotted the switch and raised hell...and the perps would have been duly chastized in the US courts..

    Pass the Chardonnay and cheese tray....
  2. I cant figure out if this is frog or spam bashing...
  3. I don't think he can either.

    Then again the Olympics have gotten a lot of our northern neighbors psyched about hockey gold for men and women. Brings out a bit of nationalism.

    Then again I know 5 girls in the hockey teams, two from Team Canada and three from the US so I tend to cheer for Canada unless they are playing the US. I also was cheering for anybody but the US in the snowboard events as they are made for TV sports and maybe if US loses out the TV here will stop showing pictures of "The Flying Tomato" and show real sports.
  4. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer


    Glad to know you are keen on letting us know your shoulder rubbing experiences. I'm pretty sure we could get an entire thread going on 'people we know'.
  5. I met the whole of the Protea squad if that counts..
  6. It has been rumoured for a long time that the Frogs keep their best stuff for themselves and sold off the crap.
  7. Probably true and no complaints here.
  8. At least its them who are p..sing it up the wall.