best daysack for Pl Comd?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jack04040, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. What's the best out of the Blackhawk cyclone, Camelbak BFM or Motherlode. Considering all the gubbins that need to be carried, I've heard good reviews for the Blackhawk cyclone but is it big enough?

    Also how green is foliage green on the Camelbaks? I've read some people saying that it is almost grey?

    Sorry for the chippy question! Cheers
  2. Foliage green is more gray than green its more "spearmint". ranger green is more O.D "olive drab" . If your spending that much money on a day sack why not get it in multicam ? for when we switch to M.T.P, as for the day sack I've no idea.
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  3. Cyclone is very good but a fair bit smaller than the motherlode. More blokes buy motherlodes than cyclones

    Foliage green isn't green it's grey, the same as the grey in the yank ACU, avoid. If you want a motherlode type daysack but must have green try the Blackhawk barrage, near identical design, more expensive coz it's blackhawk. Multi Cam may be a good option as thecoops suggested. Blackhawk have started doing their dyasacks in mc, and Kit Monster have motherlodes in it too.

    Not sure about 511, seen a few broken bits by them so wouldn't buy it myself. If in doubt buy the one everyone loves, and that's the motherlode. Get the original in 1000D, better design than the new 500d one.
  4. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I was given a BFM by a mate, and very good (with osprey) it is too. However, if I had the choice I would have gone for the motherload and bought a couple of pouches, the BFM is a little too big for normal use as a day sack.
  5. I'm after a new Multicam/MTP Molle daysack but as I'm going to be lugging a radio around want it to have a really good radio pouch. The best I've seen is the karrimor TECMAC but I don't really like the rucksack apart from the radio bit.

    Can anyone with a blackhawk barrage tell me what the radio compartment is like inside? Does it have a proper pouch + straps or is the radio just loose inside?

  6. Errrm G10 for men radio daysack? Always been good in my experience and seen plenty of inf pl comds using it as well. Yes it's pretty green but the dust sorts that out pretty quickly.
    Plus the whole break/replace scenario. Easier to fight the 'I need a daysack' battle against the stores chain before deployment than from a remote PB when your gucci one breaks/is shot up, I would have thought.
  7. Or you could get the free 45l daysack in MTP as part of your black bag. It's been designed by karrimor and is generally regarded as a good piece of kit. And, as has already been stated, if it gets trashed it doesn't cost you anything. Why not see what it's like when you get issued and then decide if you really want to spend your very hard earned cash on a daysack rather than beer, fast women and loose cars (or something)?
  8. Well said!!!
  9. Great idea, though I'm not convinced I'll actually receive one. Have aleady had my desert kit issue, though not MTP yet. Only the gay patrol pack and even gayer black rucksack included.
  10. Got a multicam motherlode daysack which fits the bill perfectly for ops. Cost £140 though!
  11. Real men use a Berghaus Monroe!
  12. Camelbak BFM is quality, I've got one in foliage green (goes with any type of DPM..) But if you're future proofing the investment MTP is the way ahead. So far only the Motherlode is available but wait out and no doubt the BFM will rock up in that spec.
  13. I swear by a BFM, granted I carry a bit more kit that a Plt Cdr however it's tough and is great with osprey. It's worth the price and mine is good to go for it's 3 rd tour with no faults at all.