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Having used a MiFi for mobile internet, I am now looking for suggestions for a good provider , that is one who has an app that works, having loaded credit will actually allow one to select the required pack/goodie bag/plan/add on or other hip and stupid name for data plan :x. The currEnt sim is from the same providEr we used for the company they were ok for us, but personal use is rubbish even the call centre couldnt help, live chat ,DOA . app still under construction FFS ,and no online provision to purchase data only load credit , so suggestions please , Oh and must be able to roam throughout EU ( call centre couldn't confirm either ).
Replies on a postcard please :)
Their plans do look affordable as long as you're using loads of data, especially for kids. And a mate still uses an old 4G Lumia 930 Windows (8.1) phone on Three, with built-in 'data sense' to control data usage and turn off internet sharing (hotspot) when it's not being used. She can connect up to eight devices on a strong signal. And it's a decent phone.

Three will throttle if you take the mick, but so-called unlimited-data plans are worth it if you're downloading and streaming a lot. I know she watches films on the lappy.

Otherwise TechRadar published a review of SIMO deals only yesterday, SIM only deals: the best plans in July 2018.
I had issues with Three coverage and gave up with them. They are fine so long as you can get coverage. They used to do some really good data only deals. If you are in fringe areas, note that Three don't support 2G, whereas, O2, Vodafone and EE do.

Have you checked the coverage maps? it doesn't matter how good the deal, you must ensure as best you can that the chosen network is available where you plan to use it. I would consider a back up SIM from another network in case your primary fails in a particular area. It's not a bullet proof solution but could make the difference. Three used to do pre charged data SIMs.

There are many third party providers and these can offer attractive deals on good networks but be aware of the parent networks coverage and also that they may not give full coverage to the third party users.

Get some quotes, then try talking with the main network providers, EE, O2, Vodafone, Three. They may be prepared to give you a surprising offer.

Have a look on uswitch for current deals. Change the setting on the top right hand side from "Featured" to "Monthly" in order to display deals according to cost. Filters are on the left hand side.

Which Network has the best Mobile Phone Coverage in the UK?

Best Data only SIM Deals - Compare our Cheapest Dealswith uSwitch

It really helps to know how much data you need or how much you are prepared to spend.
If you really prefer a particular offer but not the price, call them and tell them your dilemma. "Hello. I called about deal x but I've just noticed that y are doing a better price that I'm happier with." They might give you a new offer there and then or put you through to a person who deals with leavers and potential customers who need just a bit off to seal the deal.

O2 6GB £15/m

Multi SIM deal on O2

o2 18GB £20/m

Multi SIM deal on O2

If you don't mind tethering to a mobile phone you can find some good SIM only deals with a decent data allowance.

Best SIM Only Deals - Compare Cheap SIM Only Contracts
Here is an example of a uswitch exclusive 6GB for £10/m

Upwards of that O2 and Vodafone pretty much match each other.

I would ask about lowering the voice minutes and upping the data. Has to be worth a try. Not sure how it compares to dedicated data only though.

Note that offers change so it can be worth checking again.
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