Best course you you ever went on?



Police advanced driving cse with the Lancs constabulary in Preston in 1991. 4 weeks of driving unmarked police cars very fast, the only cse I wanted to fail so I could go back and do it again.
awesome course, lots of bacon butties, and trying not to get grease all over my shirt. I was put in with coppers and did not realise they have the same sense of humour and sick jokes. Spent a lot of time in the back going for the imaginary brake pedal.

The second best was the staff car course, I always sat in the back on the left hand side when my oppo was driving, nice lass big tits, and her blouse used to strain so got to see lots of side boob and lacey bits. Sarah was a little minx.

Breadvan course leconfield. There is a section of the runway that white curving lines almost like a chicane, managed to get substantial air on the rear offside in the daf.
84 how do you make a UN tour in Cyprus any better? How about a Joint Service Downhill Skiing Course on Olympus a skive from a skive tour.
Glacier Training in Norway when we had an adventure training centre there (BMTC). 3 weeks of some of the most stunning country and amazing blonde goddesses - even the 'average' Norwegian girls were hot!
Intercourse was the best one for me.............................
Standard 1 sigs course at Warminster. Great mix of regiments, great DS staff, a bloody good laugh all round both on and off duty.
I'd bet it was a Pilatus Porter - I seem to recall Peterborough had 2 of them go 'stoof' in the 80s (1 x pilot Error, 1 x bits falling off), and another at Nethers (or mebbe that was just a bad landing - my li'l bro's then girlfriend was aboard that one and got a bad back out of it)

Made my first 2 S/L jumps outta one of them - at Bob Acraman's dodgy* DZ in Thruxton, 1974. Bricking it in case I put my boot through the wing fabric . . . never been so scared :-D
Weston had a Cessna fold on landing. That would have been around late 1975 and before the arrival of G-Skye & G- Dive. As for the Rapide, I've logged 623 descents from them, easily done in those times as I began my sport para career in 1968. I see one periodically over London's skies. Couldn't possibly miss the sound of those engines.

Regarding courses, the 6 week AWT one in Norway with Royal as a beat up for another job was a belter. I did that one coming off a two year tour at Weston as deputy CCI. The system was determined to let me know that there were real 'military' things afoot and fannying around in tracksuit and shades were to be part of the past........ sigh.
Weston also stoofed in a very nice Warsteiner branded Twin Otter IIRC.
Police advanced driving cse with the Lancs constabulary in Preston in 1991. 4 weeks of driving unmarked police cars very fast, the only cse I wanted to fail so I could go back and do it again.
I did this one in '94, fantastic course!! getting to drive at insane speeds,with a traffic cop sat next to you shouting "c'mon, put yer foot down, accelarate, accelarate!" wanted to transfer to the Traffic Branch after this...(turned out i was a nice guy so they didnt want me!!!) i think they stopped this course in 96-97 as it cost too much and unless you were in Germany or were CP, there wasnt much call for Class 1 drivers!! pity, it was a great course!! evenings in Preston were great as well!
and any Snow Queen I went on.
Ah Sonthofen Bad(anything but) Hinderlang and Oberjach mountain brilliant memories :)
Was lucky enough to do both the JSDSI & JSNSI (Alpine & Nordic Ski Instructor) + Army Gold Standard, which led to doing the civvie equivalents to BASI II, which led to Ski Touring, which led to winter warfare and associated arctic survival stuff up in Norway.

Not bad from a blag to do the time keeping at the Corp meet having never skied before :)


HALO cse was my favourite in north carolina. Great food and great instructors.
Needless to say i came top. Earned US wings too into the bargain, another set to my collection
happy days
I bet they look lovely next to your brown wings!!!
MSP riggers at brize was a hoot too though more knots than a scout
That's funny cos most guys I know (including myself) hated the riggers course. We all think you are a lieing walt.


Went on an Outward Bound course at Loch Eil in 1968. Experimental one, 50% Army, 50% civvy police. End of course drinkies in Fort William some local yooves decide to have a go, big mistake and the result we are all interviewed in the local nic. I was the last to be interviewed & the Sgt says 'I suppose your Police as well' 'No' say's I, 'I'm Army but I'll back up everythingthing you've already been told'. Gave him my name & unit, never heard another thing. :)
The Berlin Inf Bde Boat Handlers Course, run by the R.E.'s, was a very enjoyable five days cabbying up and down the Havel and Tegelsee in powered assault boats.

Sub Aqua Course at Sekong, Hong Kong, with dives at Blue Water Bay, was another enjoyable waste of tax payers money and military skills wise, the All Arms Air Defence Course at Larkhill, blasting away with LMGs and Gimpies at M.A.T.S using louch poles, vehicle mounts and best of all, from the hip, with 1:1 ammunition took some beating.

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