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Similar story: Best course I went on was All Arms Clerk Class 2, Worthy Down 1989. Instructor was a mental Inskillin DG who placed me (as the only female in his class) at the front of the room, which I then discovered was because he had an uninterrupted view up my skirt from his position at the desk. I like to think it was because of my work and not my webbing that I came top of the class :) Every evening was spent drunk in the NAAFI, as a group the whole class gelled well (although I do seem to remember a KOSBie punching **** out of some idiot on another course and getting into a bit of bother for it). There was one bloke I took an instant dislike to, told my mate he was a "gobby scouse git", I changed my mind after he spent an evening the the NAAFI tying me up with electric flex and ended up marrying him 6 months later. Literally kissed my Army career goodbye and I was out 12 months after that.
Did my class 3 in 89. 5 mins to eat scoff and into the NAAFI to see how many pints you could get down your neck before going back to class.
Any course at Weingarten in the 80s was epic. Fantastic town, Switzerland just down the road and over the lake, interesting stuff to do and a very forgiving attitude to hangovers. Fell into insanely bad company with a Korean-Italian paratrooper (!) who was probably the worst beer monster I ever met.
Er, guys?

Jarrod? Restraints? Hurt a bit at the time?

Surely SOMEONE'S going to run with this.
Obviously not the bloke Jarrod was holding on that was desperate to avoid a round of Hide-the-Sausage

However, with the ravages of time he just uses Rohypnol now. :nod:

ARRSE Yorkshire Crawl anyone?
Any course at Weingarten in the 80s was epic. Fantastic town, Switzerland just down the road and over the lake, interesting stuff to do and a very forgiving attitude to hangovers. Fell into insanely bad company with a Korean-Italian paratrooper (!) who was probably the worst beer monster I ever met.
I think I met him, was his name Soo-Ren Da?

Nah, I think his Korean side was dominant. Psycho ale beast with a penchant for walking up to the biggest bloke in the bar and offering him out.
CTD & Vortex - what year(s) ? Spent a couple of years there. It was simply hell providing all of that entertainment.
I did a recog course there in '93 and saw the real stuff that went on and decided to go back in '94 for that course.

The recog course was a pure international pissup; got partnered with an Italian SF WO who didn't speak a word of english and couldn't read a map!

I'll never forget the barking of those fcuking dogs on the other course! I never thought I'd ever get warm again either.
Class 1 CET Upgraders. I'd give the course number, but there are a couple still serving after being commissioned.

To quote a facbook mate:
Finbar said:
Worst Class I ever to go through SEE. Friday after dinner, most weekends, walking back to get changed, peeing our pants as we left the mess. Filling the corrider with water and having water slides. During a power cut, breaking glowsticks, covering naked Neil in contents, then flaming ********* through the womens block.... all that and highest ever pass percentage!!
The most debauched time I have ever had in my life.
Three day "basket weaving" course at HMS Nelson. Provided an opportunity to meet and interact with some of the snaggiest ratings in the mob. The end of course piss up was one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of attending.

Got a flash out of one of the "instructors" on day one by asking why I'd dropped points on the multi-choice questionaire we were given to fill in - to assess how fucked up we were etc.

Edit> For none matelots - this is the RN drink awareness course. The RN went through a stage of sending anyone who got in shit as a result of drink onto one. On my course was someone who had lost his wife & kids in a car crash and had turned to drink, a compulsive gambler and debter and someone who had what would now be described as PTSD. I felt rather humbled when I had to announce my reason fro attending was due to being 10 minutes adrift for a duty watch muster.
The "Funs" Course 1990, and the SSD course 1991, at Dads Army, Blandford. JNCOs to Majors, HMF and Civil Servants. Treated like grown ups, no parades. And living in PADS accomodation with WRENS, WRACS and WRAFS in the crescent :) Happy ******* days, esp when our boiler broke. Having two women washing my back was only spoilt when the wife came to pick me up... :(

Resettelment course, AMRAF, Essex 1996. Me and a Scaleyback called 'Fred' in a house next door to a pub. gentle introduction to civvy street training courses, where it doesnt matter if you are 5mins late or even show your face!

Class 1 Sigs Course, Chattenden, Summer 94. One long pissup and living (not in the biblical sense) with former next door neighbours wife. EoC pissup when Ash, RE-attached THEM, dropped the SMI in the local.
Best AT courses were BSAC Dive Leaders course with the School of PT & AT in 1994. A weeks free diving in Devon with a qual thrown in. In 1991 I also did the Top Rope & Abseiling course as well as the UEL course in Ripon ... excellent fun.

Two military courses that stand out for me were the POW Handling & Tactical Questioning course at Ashford where on day one we got told it wasn't an interrogators course before spending a week interrogating people (some quite wet, tired, hungry and terrified ones at that!). The other course I liked, believe it or not, was the NBC Instructors course which was about one of the best organised, best presented and most relevant courses I ever attended. It also meant that I never had to take my ******* respirator off in a gas chamber again being the bloke that made others do it!

Edited to add that I once worked out that I did 35 courses (including resettlement) whilst in the Army!
My bold, evil ****.

Mind you, it must have been amusing being the only one to keep their stomach contents intact, and watching others trying not to throw their ring up after being introduced to the pleasures of CS....

Starting to wish I'd put my name down for it now


I had a few in my short time, I did enjoy most including SCBC but the operational and engineering ones were the best, NIPG depite it being full of semi sensible lads not pissing it up and any RE/assault Pioneer course. The wedgies live a different life. In fact my Rarden course at catterick in 84 was fun. My NI search course aged 17 and 11 months wasnt.
Police advanced driving cse with the Lancs constabulary in Preston in 1991. 4 weeks of driving unmarked police cars very fast, the only cse I wanted to fail so I could go back and do it again.
A week of religious waffling at Bagshot park back in 81.
What an experience, staying in a stately home and treated like an Rupert for the week, and nothing to do but chat shite about religion :)
Went there in 1975, very pleasant, one of our blokes dads worked in the hofficers factory just down the road so spent a lot of time in his local.

Enjoyed doing my HGV at Leconfield in the '80s, managed to convince the old man to give me Local Sgt for the course. Had one tricky moment when an RCT WO2 left me in charge of a bunch of visiting French Army Colonels and a brace of Brig Generals whilst he found out who was supposed to be showing them around. Me - No French, Them - No English, surreal.

Finally, resettlement course at No 2 Resettlement Centre in Gallwey Road Aldershot, possibly the funniest four weeks of my career.
DMI Foden drops course Bovington, i just loved cabbying around in those.

Radiation protection course with the navy,A very relaxed atmousphere and loads of characters in the groupe.

My crew commanders in sanski most 96, I was fit back then and i loved every minuit of being beasted around the bosnian hills for 3 weeks with no bullshit.

Anything involving leconsfield i avoided like the plage,. horrible place as everyone was treat like a recruit.

my all time favourite course was the all arms safety advisors course, even though it was at deepcut it was a great laugh and a course i can still use now.
CTD & Vortex - what year(s) ? Spent a couple of years there. It was simply hell providing all of that entertainment.
must have been around 80/81 I reckon, did some LZ support for an SF HAHO/HALO course there as well, just loafing on the side of a DZ in case one of the SF sticks went adrift so we could fire up the lynx and go and collect them, they never did, always landing within arms length of each other except one italian who hadn't fastened his bergen tether and dropped it in from a couple of thousand feet, scratch some very expensive halo life support gear! 2 weeks soaking up bavarian sun and ale, not a bad job!
Young Officers Education Course.Week in a coastal town(Bournemouth).Lots of drinking and shagging,but little education.Brill!


German Linguist course at Mulheim, getting sent out to fill a German questionnaire in the middle of the Koln Carnival Bierfest never did fill it in
What month was that then? (Shit shouldnt of asked, you ll only Google it, li(k)e you do everything else).

So what you are implying is that the DS would of allowed you all turning up 3 days later ****-faced dressed as Court-jesters?

May of been like that in BAOR in the 70 s, if you say it is then I m sure its true.

I like your signature. I prefer to opt for the "stupid", cant think of any obvious reasons to envy you........

"Der Junge der immer Wolf schrie", Die Moral der Fabel ist "Wer einmal lügt, dem glaubt man nicht und wenn er auch die Wahrheit spricht!"
Can't remember the full title of the course now, but it had something to do with 'evasive driving' and was held in Lisburn in 90 I think.
Spent a week with the RCT hurtling around NI in a succession of civvy cars, wearing suits with MP5k's under the seats (honest), and then heading out to somewhere close to the Maze, where we spent the day learning how to do J turns and other Bodie and Doyle stuff.
I believe that I was one the very first course that they ran, and I've never met anyone else who did it or had even heard of it.

Amazing course, only sullied by meeting a WRAC from Devon called Cherry, who went absolutely mental at the break up of our 6 hour affair.

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