Best course you you ever went on?

A week of religious waffling at Bagshot park back in 81.
What an experience, staying in a stately home and treated like an Rupert for the week, and nothing to do but chat shite about religion :)
I did the very same course and you have it spot on I was a junior soldier at the time and must have been september 82 as all that was on the radio at the time was duran duran, the title of which we changed to save our prayers till the week at bagshot!
Done a few that turned out to be useful later:

Unit projectionist at Celle cinema, old bell and howell machines,bloody boring films for the use of student training, but a bonus was that i was the only one "qualified in the regiment, so no guards or fatiguues for me!

Football refereees course at Rheindahlen my first foray down to Remfville what an eye opener,, excellent course while everyone else was out in the boondocks getting wet and cold, pissup every night, taken for free to two Bundeligia games to assess the ref.

Dog handlers at jungle warfare school Malaya, the real dogs bollocks of a course, no bullshit treated like an adult, hurtle around the hooloo for 4 weeks tracking "them" and the ghurka training teams, dogs out of helicopters, RM raider craft up the rivers and mega pissups with the yanks over from Nam, and a few Aussies, doing tracker and explosive dog courses, rewarded with a tour at the JWS attached to the Ghurkas for six months.
16mm Projectionist's course at Bicester back in 75,a week on doing not much except lashing it up against the wall in down town Bicester !
Not much compared to some tales, but my RS course in Warminster. Started off trying to take it seriously, but ended up spending the best part of 6 weeks getting pissed and trying to find "Sticky Vicky".....
My resettlement was interesting as was the phoenix CP course and shooting/whoring just over the border from Gib

I had no good courses while in, unless the best part of a ******* year avoiding psychotic baby medics at Keogh counts
Would have to be the FA sports injuries course I did in Aldershot. A one week course that apparently took civvies around six weeks to do - I'd also say it still ranks up there with one of the most academically intensive courses I've done, too.
A week of religious waffling at Bagshot park back in 81.
What an experience, staying in a stately home and treated like an Rupert for the week, and nothing to do but chat shite about religion :)

I did that one when I was in Germany in '79, sent to Wuppertal for a week waited on hand and foot for a week. I was first to go from my platoon, when I came back told all those that were going something totally different of what actually happened and they were dreading it.
Winter Warfare course at Elverum 1980 and 1981, or maybe LRRP Weingarten 1986. Decisions, decisions.
LANCE missile electronics maintenance course at Lager Donnerberg in Eschweiler, Nov / Dec 1976. Never did learn much about LANCE (end of course grading "Ausreichend - Adequate") but got well and truly lashed most nights in some great little bars in Eschweiler.

My pre-release course. Seven weeks at South West London College in Garrett's Lane, Earlsfield, 1981. I didn't realise that expenses were paid at the flat Outer London daily rate. I thought that I'd have to account for everything and was living as quietly as possible, collecting all the receipts I could find. After I was paid expenses, the course had only cost me about £50. I had most of 2 months Mil Pay untouched in the bank. Nice little bonus for Civvy street.
Golf Skills Course at Hohne circa. 1995. Although I learnt loads, because we played all day for 5 days, I can honest say I scored the worse 18 holes I ever did on a course in my life. Took mne ages to recover :wink:

UEL - Tywyn 1997. Walking aound the mountains with good company and getting paid for it :)

Apline Crag Leaders course, Bravaria 1994. - First day, hanging off ropes. That night drinking my own body weight in Hefeweizen, Next and all the other days, hanging off ropes and hanging out my arse, badly
RAC Crew Commanders Course. Nov 1978 -Mar 1979. The best course ever. 1st phase ( gunnery) at Lulworth, then Xmas break at home, Bovington in January till the end of the course. I had my first ever overdraft, (running out of cash) fantastic course, fantastic social life. The only bad point was meeting my future ex wife. I ended up going for a posting on the provost staff at JLR RAC just to get back to see her. Worst decision of my military career. Put me well down the pecking order in regards to promotion to Sgt.
Similar story: Best course I went on was All Arms Clerk Class 2, Worthy Down 1989. Instructor was a mental Inskillin DG who placed me (as the only female in his class) at the front of the room, which I then discovered was because he had an uninterrupted view up my skirt from his position at the desk. I like to think it was because of my work and not my webbing that I came top of the class :) Every evening was spent drunk in the NAAFI, as a group the whole class gelled well (although I do seem to remember a KOSBie punching **** out of some idiot on another course and getting into a bit of bother for it). There was one bloke I took an instant dislike to, told my mate he was a "gobby scouse git", I changed my mind after he spent an evening the the NAAFI tying me up with electric flex and ended up marrying him 6 months later. Literally kissed my Army career goodbye and I was out 12 months after that.
All Arms Air Defence Course somewhere near Penaly in Wales. I was sent there from 50 Fd Sqn cos I had been naughty (involving shagging some bird who turned out be married to someone self important) and the SSM wanted me away till things calmed down a bit. Had to catch train after train until eventually the last one (it could have been horse drawn it was so slow) stopped by a railway sleeper parked on its end in the middle of a field (Penaly Halt). I had to jump down about 4 feet into soggy mud. Christ knows how the oldies and the very young managed it. The train creaked off and left me there. There was a five barred gate some distance away so I headed for it and through it onto a narrow lane. Which way? Mentally I tossed a coin and turned right. Round the next corner was a pub. Crown or Queens or something. It was a Sunday arvo when I arrived. Landlord said he was closed but I could have a pint 'til he opened at 6 or 6.30 - Wales & Sunday opening hours. I asked where the camp was. He told me there was no point in going there as it was closed until mid day the next day (look-you). I said that there must be some staff there and he said he had the keys (isn't-it) and was due to issue rooms and bedding the next day and he was fucked if he was going to open up a day early just for me. Where can I bed down? By the fire after closing time, came the answer. The bar opened on time and in came a bunch of local alcoholics and farmers who had been queueing outside. As the first of the course to arrive there was no competition and so with ease, at around 8 that evening I snared the local Hippo (there's lovely). She was fat and almost incoherently Welsh - and as thick as a five star hotel mattress. But she was a shag. The landlord called last orders at 10 ish and he was roundly ignored by everyone. So after emptying the till, he left it open and told us to help ourselves and put the money in the drawer. With that he fucked off to bed. Hippo told me that she had to be in by midnight or her husband would come looking for her, but there was a bus stop just down the road where we could go for a shag. I mentioned the floor by the fire but she said that the locals would still be drinking until midnight. So off we went to the bus shelter. She was hot to trot and with her puffing and blowing and muttering things in a guttural, barbaric tongue (to be fair that could have been her hare lip), we reached Nirvana and I dismounted and absent mindedly wiped me cock on her hair. She didn't seem to mind. But what of the course? The next day with a raging hangover and a sore cock (she was a biter), I went up the road to the camp with the pub landlord on his moped. After meeting the course staff and a couple of the students we all went to the pub. Next day, with a full complement of instructors, support staff (including a Royal Artillery Sgt with a RADAR wagon) and students, we commenced training. Introduction, purpose, range safety, all about aim off, range estimation and blah blah blah and down to the pub. Then more of the same and down to the pub. Then a day in the dome room with projections of aircraft moving up, down left right, coming and going and then the pub. This was followed by days and days of shooting shit out of targets from a cliff top with LMG's mounted on poles and vehicle mounts, including the SCAT mount -anyone remember the SCAT mount? Then to the pub. Then we shot at radio controlled model aircraft. And then to the pub. Then we shot at targets towed by RAF ancient jets. And then went to the pub. It was without a doubt the best course I ever attended - all the ammunition in the world (1:1 tracer), a shag on call and as much beer as you could drink. And the Hippo wanted to divorce her husband, leave the kids and follow me. Exit stage left!

Resettlement :-D

Seriously though; LRRPS course, Weingarten.

ConSig course, Bovi - one long pissup and plenty of WRACs to shag :-D
I did that LRRPS course at weingarten too, got ratted on the middle weekend at bierfest in Wolfsburg, got laid too as it happens, can't remeber what the course was about but it was full of lean green fighting machines from the US pathfinders and the such like.
I did that LRRPS course at weingarten too, got ratted on the middle weekend at bierfest in Wolfsburg, got laid too as it happens, can't remeber what the course was about but it was full of lean green fighting machines from the US pathfinders and the such like.

CTD & Vortex - what year(s) ? Spent a couple of years there. It was simply hell providing all of that entertainment.
Best course I did was the Army Flying one, 12months of late nights, early mornings and being terrified of the chop, all worth it in end, gor a shiny badge,and a fanny magnet green suit and never worked agin, well wouldn't want to muddy up my special issue flying booties!
Some bonding course in Lydd, I think. It was warm, no running on the shingle, footie, canoeing, archery,dece nt Mess and scoff was good... didn't quite see the point of it, but three days of going to various Pubs with my mates and getting lashed and for some reason there was a friendly Gazelle pilot who'd "want to check the instruments" at the drop of a hat... and take us up and throw it around.
Doing the "Cert T" technical signals course for cadets at Blandford as a 15-year-old cadet. Playing with all sorts of kit (Larkspur) that was only 15 years out of date instead of 30, developing a drinking habit that has stood me in good stead ever since and learning to play snooker. And trying not to fall asleep during "antennas and propagation" lessons. Anyone else remember the squeak-squeak-squeak that boots DMS used to make on those miles of corridors?
Best AT courses were BSAC Dive Leaders course with the School of PT & AT in 1994. A weeks free diving in Devon with a qual thrown in. In 1991 I also did the Top Rope & Abseiling course as well as the UEL course in Ripon ... excellent fun.

Two military courses that stand out for me were the POW Handling & Tactical Questioning course at Ashford where on day one we got told it wasn't an interrogators course before spending a week interrogating people (some quite wet, tired, hungry and terrified ones at that!). The other course I liked, believe it or not, was the NBC Instructors course which was about one of the best organised, best presented and most relevant courses I ever attended. It also meant that I never had to take my ******* respirator off in a gas chamber again being the bloke that made others do it!

Edited to add that I once worked out that I did 35 courses (including resettlement) whilst in the Army!
Restraint and arrest instructors course ASPT, hurt at the time but helped in a few scrapes over the years. Good food, out everynight and we had cleaners.
Er, guys?

Jarrod? Restraints? Hurt a bit at the time?

Surely SOMEONE'S going to run with this.

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