Best course you you ever went on?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Worzel, May 15, 2011.

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  1. Golf skills at Army School of PT or something at Bulford. Great course, Ex PT Corps WO1 ran it, had a sports shop near Sandhurst. Great bloke, helped me improve alot from fcukin rubbish to just rubbish.
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  2. A week of religious waffling at Bagshot park back in 81.
    What an experience, staying in a stately home and treated like an Rupert for the week, and nothing to do but chat shite about religion :)
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  3. Bike instructors cse at leccy- 3 weeks of pure biking, paid to ride, and get instr qual- loved it
  4. All Arms Drill Course (Regular) No 224 1982. 6 weeks spent, thanks to 4 border-line alcoholic Canajuns, in a Moose Milk controlled haze. Entered in the book for 'Show Face-Smile Removed'.
  5. All-Arms Basic Storeman at Blackdown in '99. A course stuffed full of old sweats, wasters, lame ducks and waifs and strays. Made for a great social life and a week of moving sheets of paper from one tray to another certainly beat living on 10-man rat packs and digging trenches, which is what I would have been doing back in Germany. On the other hand, it did mean that I had to pretend to know what I was doing. For the next 7 years.
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  6. Restraint and arrest instructors course ASPT, hurt at the time but helped in a few scrapes over the years. Good food, out everynight and we had cleaners.
  7. Canoe Instructor - Kingussie 1979, Beer and Boats are a lethal mix.
    Stanley Weir and Grantully, Surf Canoeing - the quickest way known for a man to get his hair wet.

    Water and Rat Catchers Courses

    Orienteering Instructor/Organisor Course, Aldershit - Couldn't find the friggin venue, HeHe.
  8. RAC Crew Commanders Course. Nov 1978 -Mar 1979. The best course ever. 1st phase ( gunnery) at Lulworth, then Xmas break at home, Bovington in January till the end of the course. I had my first ever overdraft, (running out of cash) fantastic course, fantastic social life. The only bad point was meeting my future ex wife. I ended up going for a posting on the provost staff at JLR RAC just to get back to see her. Worst decision of my military career. Put me well down the pecking order in regards to promotion to Sgt.
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  9. DITTO circa 1988 ................ plus lots of shagging down Beverley
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  10. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Rat catchers paderborn 1988. Excellent course piss up. Finished drinking just before breakfast and went into the final exam.
  11. Military. The Mapric course at Newbury? A week(??) of pub lunches, good dinners, drinks and a bit of map reading thrown in.

    Civvy. Off road 4x4 driving. Spent the whole week driving up and down hills in Landies and quad bikes. Annoyed the snot out of the instructor, he kept saying "Drive through there and when you get stuck I'll show you how to winch yourselves out." Of course we used to approach the obstacles at full tilt and more often than not we got through.
  12. Did the same in 87 - was called 'Christian Soldier' or suchlike.
  13. I did that course too - we had no option! - used to sneak down town each night through the open bay windows - Isn't it Prince Edwards & Sophie Pad now?

    Another was a joint services Mountain leaders course in Tullouch near Spean Bridge Scotland
    walking in the Hills all day while the lads in Germany were on Saltau.. :)
  14. Couldn't agree more, with Gobbly Wobbly, mapric was a lovely course, pub lunches while 'in the field', did my course in October so the night phase was finished by 21:30hrs, weekend off and on the lash, and I passed.
  15. The one right at the end, the pre-release course that I did in the Shot.