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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by timeswhipple, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I was hoping you guys at arrse could help me out - I'm a reporter at The Times, and I've spent a week living off a different nation's rations each day (French were excellent if impractical, German involved a lot of wurst...). What do you guys think of the standard UK packs, or other nationalities? What do you like, what do you hate, what do you chuck away? Any thoughts gratefully received...
  2. Theres an existing thread on this somewhere already, best get searching.
  3. Best? The tubes of margarine, jam and condensed milk. Processed cheese.

    Worst? The tracing paper toilet paper. All two sheets of it.
  4. What do I think? I thnk reporters suck the life out of humanity and are despicable intruders of peoples privacy. If you want answers, do a bit of work as sundance says.
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  5. I have done a bit of work. I've spent five days living off ration packs, interviewed ex and serving soldiers, and eaten a sandwich with a shelf life of four years. None of which involved hacking anyone's phones...

    Now I was just throwing the net wider and looking for some anecdotes or thoughts - and have taken up sundance's kind suggestion and am also having a look through the archives here. If you don't want to answer, no probs.
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  6. Thanks journalism experiment thankfully didn't extend to also using the bog roll. Must try harder.
  7. Five days on rat packs and reduced to eating a manky sarny, well looks like life at News International is beginning to approach reality.
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  8. Too true. I've got two days packs left and, given the number of photographers outside, I might just need it...

  9. woo, five must know everything then. Whats the intention of this information gathering? Who are you going to screw over for your bonus now?

    and yes I am ******* grumpy today, but even if I wasn't I would still say the same to you journalist types.
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  10. I like jam and I like biscuits.

    I wish they wouldn't put the ******* 'omlette' in everything though. Does anyone know what it actually is? All I'm sure of is that it definately is not an omlette.
  11. Cabana, I'm not claiming doing five days on ration packs makes me a member of the SAS - just pointing out that this isn't a lazy fishing exercise. The purpose of the piece is to write an essentially harmless, hopefully humourous, article pegged to the fact that the UK packs have been changed a bit recently. I don't intend to screw anyone over for my bonus - firstly because I write for the food section, which generally doesn't do investigative news/character assassinations (more articles on why lobster/free range sheep are the next big thing), and secondly because I don't get a bonus.
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    The reason people don't like journo's is because you ask such stupid fecking questions in your quest for some sort of idea of what to write since you obviously have no idea of what to say yourself.

    Tell your editor next time he wants someone to comment on military rations, sleeping bags, boots, what type of rifle is best, is the current light machine gun good enough, whether the helicopters are comfy enough and whether there is a chance of having a bitch and whine about how the gov is not spending money on "Our brave boys" who in real life you'd avoid at any costs to go and hire someone who actually knows something about soldiering rather than coming and bothering us.
  13. I think the lamb curry is spot on, mainly because with the rice its a bit like having 2 meals. The portions i think are way to small, but things seem to be improving constantly.

    The Yank rations are mind boggling, i thought one of the brown bags they get issued was for one day, as if the fat knackres use 3 of them a day! Good suppliments with them but i think there meals are really bad and they never seem to get hot all the way through. They go crazy for our rations though and will swap torches, knives and even seen one pay for them.
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  14. Chechnya----We ate Cabbage soup and big loafs of bread...and if we was good boys...they would throw in a goats leg to share between 10 men.

    As for a ideal ration pack....A packet of Naswar goes a very long oppresses your hunger and also keeps you alert.
  15. Loads and loads of threads about rations.