Best country to work in and why?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Random_Task, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. I'm currently working in Germany.

    When I asked some of the Americans on the job if they fancied a brew,all I got was strange looks,and references to binge drinking.

    Then it dawned on me :D

    Well what's wrong with a pint at your desk at 0800?!

    In all seriousness...

    Best answers get a blue peter badge,and some left over cocaine from Richard Bacon's stash.
  2. Perhaps I should kick off then...

    I like Germany because everyone is very polite, and there's a notice in the toilets at our office telling all users to sit down regardless.

    It averts unnecessary anonymous 'spillages'-the bane of the male toilets.

    Countryside is nice,and there's a good work ethic here.
  3. And the beer is cheap

    and the fags are cheap

    and the kebabs can be eaten sober

    And the school system is better, as is the public transport system, health system, infrastructure etc, etc.... This of couse does not include the neanderthals in the east who want and deserve the wall back.

    We moan about chavs scum living on giros and doing feck all but at least we unify ourselves with an entire country of them.
  4. to be fair to our chavs, they're yet to grasp an overiding sense of nationality,and prefer to live in large city areas,as opposed to biting the bullet and establishing their own nation state.

    Burberry flag anyone?
  5. I'm at a bit of a quandry with this one as I think asking for a 'best country' is unworkable.

    Germany is a pleasant place to be if you live in a pleasant part of Germany! I bet you don't work in Hohne - I think it's mandatory to hose down the toilet floors there and woman are ordered to stand up when p*ssing!

    I'm quite well travelled (at a guess I'd say I've travelled to about 60 odd countries both with the military and since) and would say that two 'places' spring to mind as being good to work in:

    Newcastle - New South Wales. The views over the Pacific - next stop Hawaii - from my hotel room were outstanding. In spite of the abuse they take on this site I actually found Australians, on the whole, very well mannered and friendly. I walked through the town and everyone looked each other in the eye and said 'g'day' - I remember my grandma telling me that used to happen in this country. Feckin beer's gippin though.

    San Diego - California. Where else can you go and lie on the beach, look behind you and see the hotel that Marilyn Monroe stayed in and to your front watch the F14s roll in over the Pacific before lining up to land at Miramar Naval Base - just like Tom Cruise. The sunsets were phenomenal too. I had to keep reminding myself that I was being paid to do this!
  6. We moan about chavs scum living on giros and doing feck all but at least we DID NOT unify ourselves with an entire country of them.

    Can't believe I left those vital words out...

    My bad
  7. I'll forgive you, but just this once :wink:
  8. That's the Hotel Del Coronado, whistler (I lived in San Diego for six months). Where 'Some Like it Hot' was filmed, and reputedly where Edward first met Mrs Simpson. Yes, could and probably should have stayed there. Miramar is now an MCAS.

    The other place I thought was really nice was CapeTown and the surrounding area, especially the University town of Stellenbosch.
  9. That's the very fellow, I was only there about 10 days ago - business trip but took half the family.

    I'm trying to work out what MCAS stands for - at a guess Marine something (Corps?) Air Squadron.

    I was playing chase the waves with my two year old boy - you know the one where you go out as far as you can then when the big wave starts crashing down you run back to the dry bit - he was doing particularly well until one of these EW jets (I think it was an A6E or something like that) banked in for landing about 100 ft above our heads and naturally we both looked up - all I heard was a scream as the waves got him. Had to grab him out by the ankles.

    A gaggle of old-ish schoolkids turned up - I'd guess about our equivalent to 6th formers - and were mucking about in the waves when we heard the roar of a vehicle engine coming from behind us. Looked back and a 'Baywatch' style 4x4 drove down to the waters edge (damn... no Pamela Anderson - only spotty blokes in need of haircut) - they switched on the speakers yelled "Hey folks, take care. We know you're in town from Las Vegas and you're not used to the sea. Respect the water y'all'

    Damn near choked on my Budweiser.
  10. Marine Corps Air Station. Probably an EA6B Prowler, the A6E was retired about 1997.

    Actually the Baywatch lot are a bit of a pain, all they do is drive around telling people not to surf in the swimming/boogieboard area, from what I can remember. Did you do Horton Plaza?
  11. Yes I did, at least I think I did. Is it in the gaslight area?
  12. Yes, it's a massive open-air, multi-level shopping centre. There's also Seaport Village, which is twee little tourist shops next to Coronado bay.
  13. Deffo did Horton Plaza - bought a iPOD (checked the receipt last night) - the gaslight area is pretty impressive.