Best. Company. Name. Ever.


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What about an establishment selling rolls called Juicy Baps? How about a online business selling very large china vessels - Why not really go for it and open 'Baps, Buns, and Pies'?

I wonder if there are any plumbers called Leake? Or electronics manufacturing companies called 'Short Circuits Ltd'? Perhaps a shop called 'Gust of Art'?

Blackface Media sounds like a company that Justin Trudeau might have run.
Bromsgrove used to have a butcher called 'Badham and Grissle'.

I also recall some years ago there were complaints after a (Chinese) businessman named his takeaway 'The Chinky. The irony of the cries of racial/cultural appropriation were lost on the liberals.

However it appears to have gone, but not the concept . . .

Barrow in Furness had a Chinese Take Away named after Hong Kong racecourse Sha Tin. Unfortunately the sign and menus omitted the space, hence enjoy a shatin curry or shatin noodles.


Take an Orange from the box.
In Wolverhampton they used to have Firkin the Baker.
Always meant to go in and ask for a Firkin loaf, I expect they had heard once or twice.....


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Just in case it hasn't been mentioned a thousand times before, web addresses can often be unfortunate ...

Susanalbumparty - poor old Susan Boyle releases a new album

Lesbocages - Les Bocages, a posh restaurant or some such,

and my favourite



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I was always amused by the name of the BBC gardening presenter Gay Search, which sounded like a dating agency for the light of foot. Imagine my childish glee when some years back she published a book called Front Gardens......

Saw that in 1982. Surprised it's still there.
On the same subject there is a coach company in Northamptonshire, Soul’s of Olney. Founded by an old boy of my school (see Avatar) one Robert Soul. I can only imagine his pain in his youth (and the rest of it too)
Opposite Liverpool st. station.

I used to drink there nearly every day back in the early 80s when I used to work in the city, the downstairs bar had ties hanging on the walls, put there by mainly drunken customers, business cards and many other random things, there was also the mummified remains of 3 or 4 cats hanging behind the bar that they found when they were clearing the cellar to make the bar, another pub I used was just a few yards along the road, the Woodman IIRC

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