Best Combat Jacket / Smock ever ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dogs_bollox, Jan 12, 2011.

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  1. IOK, I'm bored. What do kit sluts do when they're bored ? Dream of kit ! That got me to wondering what the best ever combat smock is. I don't mean allyest or one which is revered because it's associated with 'Them'. I mean most practical. The one that ticks most of the boxes (as I don't think there is one that will ever tick all the boxes).

    To narrow it down a bit, Temperate Theatres only. No jungle nor Northern Flank as their adaptability is limited.

    My vote goes to the Canadian IECS jacket.
    This jacket is fairly warm but can be well ventilated with full front zipper and underarm pit zips. Goretex lined for waterproofness and breathability. Practical layout of pockets. Huge lower ones with internal pockets for mags. Zippered chest pockets for other items. Fairly hard wearing too. Very quiet to move in.

    So All, between us we've seen some kit and used and abused it too so shoot me down if you can but only if you have something to replace it with.

  2. You're saying that that smock is still the most practical of the last 100 years ? Care to tell us why ?

    Not waterproof.
    Not hardwearing.
    Pocket locations not practical.
    Unlined so not warm in itself.

    Ally most definately but i'm not talking ally ! :)

  3. I would guess that the ally factor is the only reason. This being the 'rasion d'etre for the Para look. Eh, Mr Daniels ?
    Who else would ditch the perfectly serviceable yoke from 58 pat. webbing - attach as many pouches as will around the girth and then bugger off for 10 miles with the whole thing rubbing the flesh off your hips - because it looks ally!
  4. Who cares about practical!!
  5. Not an issue item, but a nice gizzit nonetheless.

    Bison Ventile


    And no, that's not me.
  6. Me,...........but you've got to look good.

    Me likey ventile. So if we have to discount THEM gear here is the NZ general issue ventile smock. Windproof, waterproof'ish and light.

  7. The impracticality usually dawned the moment the need came to fill those pouches with the weight of loaded SLR magazines and gimpy link.
  8. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

    Where may a self-confessed kit junkie get his hairy mitts on one?
  9. I have'nt got one but I was offered a couple of years ago - I don't need camo anymore. You either be nice to a serving Kiwi or check out the Kiwi ebay equivelant called Buy online and sell with NZ's #1 auction & classifieds site | Trade Me or you check Kiwis surplus stores online.

    They did a nice DPM woollen sweater also for a while.
  10. The SAS windproof hung not ten feet away, a decade old with a few tatty holes but great for long walks on the Purbecks.

    Still cant bring myself to unstitch the TRF :)
  11. Er, I do. That's why i wrote what i wrote : PRACTICAL and not ally. I forgot an ability to read precludes a body from the Para Reg ;-)

    As to excluding 'Them', not at all. My point is that something may not be practical even though it is used by Them. It may look good but not be durable enough to make it as a combat smock ............. Let's be honest, ally as a windy is, it ain't a great load carrier (look how quickly the pockets rip open) and it sure as shit isn't waterproof. Great if you can carry the other layers needed to allow you to function in cooler, wet climates but it needs to be used as part of a system. My point with the Cannuck jacket is that it stands alone as a useful garment. You'll be hypothermic in a windy and a t-shirt in no time. The Cannuck one hold kit well too if you have to ditch your webbing.

    Oh well, now to stand by and watch the thread wallow under the weight of armchair soldiers who can't read plugging SF / Para kit because if it's used by those guys then it must be good. Ally doesn't need to be practical. It's all about the look dahling. Practical doesn't shout ' look at me', it just does the job quietly - like SF are supposed to ! ;-)

  12. Ha Ha!! Only winding you up and it didn't take long! Anyhow, I was in a Corps don't you know!
    On another note though... nearly everything that I was initially issued wasn't practical!
  13. Hook, line and sinker . You got me !! :) I too remember my '86 pattern smock freezing stiff in the cold nights.


  14. Dutch Goretex in DPM. Warm, waterproof liner was removable and another warm liner can be inserted. Newer one had upper and lower popper-fastening pockets and small neck so you didn't lose heat like the issue tissues.

    Quality smock. Quiet as well, no rustle when moving. Apparently was pretty much issued on PCBC for the last few years, Jayjays was doing gooood trade in them...when you could get your mitts on them!!