Best Cold War legacy - The Green Goddess

They were designed to cope with the aftermath of a nuclear strike, and came to be seen as hopelessly outdated.

Best known for providing temporary cover during the UK firefighters strike of 1977, the Chichester floods of the 1990's & firefighters strike of 2003. The Green Goddess was originally designed to cope with the aftermath of a nuclear attack by the Soviets. Yet only now are they finding a permanent role.
For the Green Goddess fire engines have found a new mission - on the streets of Lagos and other African cities.

Does my heart good to see the venerable Bedford SHZ Green Goddess still doing stirling work long after the Cold War is over in the cities of Nigeria.
Great article on the BBC news website on the Green Goddess to the rescue again.
The one thing a Green Goddess does well (apart from strike cover for disaffected FBU types) move thousands of litres of water swiftly.

Along a chain of Goddess' if neccesary to get the water from where it is found to where it is needed. I think a Green Goddess Column had about 8 Goddess' and a Recce Rover.
WTF are you on?

If your refering to that shit today about selling them on about bloody time.

Get the cash, buy some good kit and get it out to the sandpit...

No tears here if they do that
Er, WTF are you on.

No one here saying it isn't a good idea to sell them on. But I doubt they will raise much.

Are you saying that they haven't done a stirling job? When "two jags" wouldn't allow the Army to take control of the Fire Brigade Appliances as they were their "property" or some such drivel.
I loved my Green Goddess in 77-78. 'Wicked Wanda' was a thing of true beauty!!! And you dead right choc ... by God they could shift water!!! We had to deal with a burning club house in the middle of frigging Hampton Court Park ... closest water was a lake feck knows how far away ....... 3 goddesses along the route ... a gazillion hose pipes ... job done!!!!
We once emptied a small lake to fight a forest fire, we had to use about 5 Goddess'. At the end you could just about make out fish flapping about.

So in the interest of being "green" we redeployed the Goddess Chain and filled it up again!!!!!

You aren't fighting a fire, unless you are fighting the hose from lifting you off the ground!!!!! :D

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