Best civvie bergan?

For hiking and travelling etc. I don't fancy taking my, somewhat giveaway, olive green bergan.

Berghaus/Lowe Alpine/Mac Pac et al seem good but also expensive. I dont mind spending the cash if the goods are, well, good.

I await your wise advice.
havent brought a civi bergan for years .Those civi convertible bags are good if you plans include flying .If they still make the cyclops roc cant go wrong there.
I have a Macpac and it is excellent. Only thing is, it didn't come with side pockets, which might be fine for some extreme exped or something, but I find them useful. I bought some 'Pods' from a place in the Lake District and Troopers sewed them on for me.

Anyway, as I say, Macpac is the business.
I had a Karrimor for about 15 years hard use before I retired it last year.I bought a Lowe Alpine as its replacement (mainly becuase there is a factory shop not too far from me so it was about half price). So far it's held up well. Like Vasco, my main bugbear is the lack of side pouches. It has big zipped pockets but they are a bit fiddly to use when fully packed...
I've heard good things about the Mac Pacs but I haven't seen many of those around.
got a lowe alpine very good very well made
basically all the top makes are very good get along too a decent shop and try a few on
berghaus seem to have had quality control issues in the last few years but may have sorted it out
My Berghaus has lasted 20yrs....begins to soften a bit after about 15. Did someone say they had issued new kit? what w/e was that?......too late to change my gaiters?
I find this type of bergan to be amongst the best in the business. It's inexpensive, easy replaced, keeps your kit dry, has a functional load carrying system and can be thrown in the bin once you reach the RV - Quality!

Took a year off last year and went all over the place . My Lowe Alpine stood up really well to everything from airport baggage handlers to damp and salty boats and damp and foetid rain forest.

The lack of side pockets is a bonus, having previously been jammed in a train corridor by my green issue bergen which is far too wide to be useful.
The best civvie bergan I ever came accross was a smashing little bit of kit. Here's a pic of it. You can get them at market stalls or from ebay for arround a tenner. They have handy wheels so you don't have to worry about the antics of RAF movers. The legs are a nice touch (stops it falling over on the bus.) Available in regimental tartan of your choice. The one pictured is in the colours of Lairdx's Own highlanders.

My vote's for Macpac - the Pursuit (50+ litres) or the Ascent (75 litres) models especially. Although a little pricey, they seem usually to be cheaper than Lowe Alpine or Karrimor. And the ones I've had have been absolutely the dog's bollocks. Tough, spacious, all the little things thought of - the works. Lack of side pockets hasn't ever really been an issue for me, partly due to the massive top pouch - quite handy for holding luch and some warm kit!


edit: goes without saying that they're extremely comfortable as well. Get it set up right and you won't even notice you're wearing it.


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